Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by GP3_Bunny, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. Thank you to all who formed and made BAFF such a winning success in 2007

    I hope 2008 and on brings to BAFF the success it rightly deserves coupled with the exposure in the Press it requires

    Happy New Year to all at BAFF

  2. Thanks GP3_Bunny we all hope so to.
  3. Seconded.
  4. thirded


  5. Thanks GP3 Bunny!

    A Good New Year to all ARRSErs.


    BAFF website -
  6. BAFF is a bit like SPAFF isn't it?
  7. Lets hope that 2008 brings better things for BAFF and all the armed forces as well as their support organisation

    Happy new year to all Arrser's

  8. How about a round up of BAFFs success's of 2007.
  9. Thanks, tg.

    There is a list on the BAFF website of most of the campaigns and issues. Some are ongoing and some can be ticked off as 'achievements', or are well on the way to that status.

    The page makes it clear that the exact BAFF role in each issue varies from 'lead' to 'cooperate' to 'support', but they all involved significant input of one kind or another, not just a quick soundbite over the phone.