BAFF on the wireless AGAIN!! - Sun 17 Sep 06 @ 2200

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. I've just been authorised to let everybody know that BAFF will be taking part in a phone-in programme on BBC Radio Five Live starting at 10.00 pm today, Sunday 17 September.

    I will be taking part, with at least one front bench MP.

    As well as listening to the programme, this is your chance to phone in. Doesnt matter whether you are for or against a federation. You may have a question or a real-life experience to relate.

    More to follow shortly.

    Douglas Young
  2. Good Show!!
  3. The station is BBC Radio Five Live.

    Link to their home page

    Radio 5Live can be listened to on:

    Radio - 909 or 603 MW

    Online - CLICK HERE

    Digital Platforms - eg Radio Five Live channel on Sky, Freeview, DAB radio.

    If you plan to listen you might like to check now that you can access Radio Five Live on one of the above.

    More details to follow about the programme, and how to phone in or text your message.

  4. Fantastic. It starts just as Spooks finishes. There is a God......
  5. Thanks, armchair_jihad ... and Slug

    I understand that the programme will be about the potential for BAFF, and the conditions which brought it about. Sounds to me as if they are giving the package a fair amount of priority, so although there is never enough time to cover everything one would like, there will be time for people to raise specific issues. Especially those in their own personal experience.

    Perhaps you are serving, have served, or have a relative who is serving. Your real-life experiences may be of particular interest to the programme.

    More to follow.
  6. The programme is the Stephen Nolan show. It says this on the station's schedule page:

    22:00 Stephen Nolan
    Have your say on the main issues of the day. What issues would you like Stephen to tackle on his show? Call free on 0500 909 693 or text 85058 [network rates apply].

    If anyone is happy to make contact with the BBC now through me, you could email me with the following info by 1900 please and I will pass it on:

    1. your name
    2. phone number where BBC can call you
    3. outline of your question/point/rant

    Obviously entirely up to you whether to relay thru me. Will be treated in total confidence if you do.

    NB this is NOT me or BAFF wanting to 'plant' prearranged questions. This is all the info I have but if you want to contact BBC in advance independently of me, I can only suggest you use the freefone number or txt address above.

    Finally, I imagine a phone-in number will be given out during the programme.

    Please pass this on to anyone else who might be interested.

    my email address
  7. Hackle I would strongly suggest that you be more creative than trusting to luck on who phones in on this important opportunity, you should attempt to make sure that at least a good proportion are broad spectrum articulate and have good and relevant stories and examples. Start PMing and phoning now.

    At least as a courtesy to the Radio station - if it gets known to Radio producers that BAFF 'gives good radio' then there will be many more opportunities - if its only drunk NAAFI drones and MOD/Soldier mag spoilers then its going to be damaging. Live Radio phone ins are VERY different from snug Radio 4 studios, unscripted as they are, murphys law applies. Jam their switchboard with pukka people, you don't have to plant questions, but you do have to be aware that current affairs phone ins are also entertainment
  8. Hackle,

    Check your PM's mate...
  9. errm, constructive suggestions and your broadcasting advice always appreciated old chap.

    However I did NOT say I was not PMing/phoning round but (a) there is only so much I can do in the time avail and (b) are you not worryingly close to saying that I should not have mentioned the programme to these plebs on ARRSE?

    I dont doubt your wish to help, or your experience. I have a programme to prepare for... why dont YOU start phoning round or indeed be prep to phone in yourself.

    in haste - apologies if I misunderstood you - I was on the phone while typing this

  10. You have misunderstood me but I have already forgiven you :wink:, I have contacted some people who hopefully will add value, however you and the core BAFF / ARRSE team would know the better/more focused ones.

    Because of a 8hr time difference I cannot phone in myself although I would love to.

    Best of luck, I look forward to listening tomorrow.
  11. For those unaware, the number to phone is: 0500 909693. It will repeated throughout the phone in. I forget the e-mail address, but this will also be repeated ad nauseum during the radio show.

    Good show Hackle - doubtless there will be an MP and/or MOD type telling the world at large why we do not need BAFF. Let them - and them shoot them down with the truth that we all live with!

    Speaking of the truth, the reason that a government supposedly more in tune with workers rights than the one it replaced in 97 does not want an organisation like BAFF is because when it comes to the Armed Forces, no government wants joe public to know just how badly we are treated! The more media exposure we get, the more likely we are to generate public support (and hence pressure) for BAFF to move from being an idea/concept to being an entity that can represent all members of the armed forces and ensure no future government can treat us as they have done (like sh1t!) effectively behind closed doors.
  12. Thanks El_Gringo, you beat me to it with that all important number for Radio Five Live


    Good points too

    Someone please continue bumping this thread as appropriate - I'll be offline for a while.
  13. Hackle, my old mucker! How are you?

    What about the following issues:

    Pay (inflation busting 1 last year!)

    And I will not start on anything else!

    A Federation can only be good for the Army.

  14. Busy! ;)

    Thanks mate, good to see you!!!


    Incidentally in case anyone is wondering why I am drumming this up, originally the programme was going to be later, shorter and more low-key, with little need to generate a lot of questions.

    I started this thread within about 30 seconds of learning that the situation has changed.


    Please keep bumping this up.

    Number to ring for the programme - which will be on Radio Five Live - after the 2200 news: