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Discussion in 'Officers' started by cpunk, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Any keen and thrusting or, indeed, ancient and crusty, officer who wishes to join the British Armed Forces Federation may now do so at

    You get:

    1. The chance to be in at the beginning and setting the agenda in an organisation which will become increasingly influential.

    2. Access to free legal and claims advice helplines, provided pro bono by a first rate legal firm.

    3. The benefit of collective advocacy.

    4. Automatic RCB pass*

    5. Guaranteed Sword of Honour/Queen's Medal (delete as applicable)*

    ... and it's entirely legal and will only cost you £30 for the first year.

    *Terms and conditons apply. May not be true.
  2. £30? No photos of Engineers on your website, so no interest here I'm afraid.
  3. Well that’s BAFF scuppered then.
  4. I will see what I can do - something to do with bridges, perhaps?
  5. Well - if he gets bridges, can we have some swoopy aircraft on there too - please?
  6. Sounds like a Bargain...

    But in Laymans terms ?!
  7. Okay, I'm a biff. Where's the 'join here' link?

  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Sorry I haven't got back to you with more images, but life's been chicken oriental at the moment (impending nuptials etc). Will send you Engineery-esque imagry and others beside in a few days.
  9. Ah, a secret society. :wink:
  10. RP

    Many thanks. My own 'BAFF time' is frowned upon by the future Mrs VB, who has the bizarre idea that plans for a wedding in August require my immediate and constant attention.
  11. Don't forget you can get free legal advice via The Royal British Legion on 020 7973 7215 without having to join BAFF for a fee.
  12. that should be handy if i want advice on half a pint of mild.
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Very true. The RBL is an entirely admirable organisation and BAFF is not intending to try to compete with it in any way at all. In fact we hope that BAFF, SSAFA, the RBL, Combat Stress etc etc will all be available to complement each others' work. The USP of BAFF at the moment is its proven ability to get potentially controversial issues onto the media agenda without risking serving personnels' careers.

    The BAFF membership subscription is there to pay for very basic running costs: stamps, envelopes, paper etc etc. Nobody is getting paid, and nobody is making any money out of it. It does require a certain amount of goodwill at first, but if the Federation develops as we hope, it will be worth it.
  14. still can't see any hesco or pictures of a water point.