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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, May 21, 2006.

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  1. Outstanding :)

    Will be watching that tommorrow night

    Excellent news
  2. The terms of service all service personel operate under effectively muzzles them. This allows the ministers and the press spin doctors at the MOD to get their stories (AKA lies) out virtually unchallenged. I recall Geoff Hoon's assertion to the Defence Select Committee shortly after Telic 1 that by the time the war started all the troops had all the kit they needed. The CGS said even before the war had started that the forces were ready to go. Those who were there knew all this to be untrue, a federation would have been able speak up on behalf of the troops, both junior and senior. Best of luck to them and its long over due. If the politicians and the senior figures at the MOD thought about it they would realise they have nothing to fear from this move, provided they have no problem with either hearing or indeed telling the truth.
  3. Don't be surprised if that sentence turns up in future BAFF material, like some other great quotes from ARRSE.

    Best wishes to all from the steering group currently in session.

    For steering group members not here today - we are monitoring usual net in case you have any messages. Key setting: 6J :wink:
  4. Definately one to watch tomorrow.
  5. I wish they'd stop calling it a union, even if the word is easier to fit into a headline than "federation"! Aside from that, a good article.
  6. Is that because the word Union has overtones of opportunism, irresponsibility, kneejerk reaction and downright selfishness, as in National Farmers Union?
  7. Or as in various members of the Cabinet, all of whom were full time trades union workers before getting the snouts into the bigger trough?
  8. No Mate, but it would be inaccurate as it is never intended to be a Union or act as a union, in the employment sense. It is intended to be a Federation as in the Police Federation.
  9. My heartfelt congratulations to Hackle and all of his co-contributors.

    Keep up the good work!
  10. Yes, and come the revolution, there'll be lampposts and lengths of rope assigned for each one of them. They'll hopefully do the decent thing voluntarily as there'll be not much left to live for, far less, a gilded trough to plunge their selfish snouts into.