baf weekend 11th-13th may grantham

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by postie-rlc, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. hey have u guys got any idea what goes on at baf weekend my wo1 phoned me asking to help out but told me nothing about it so any help would be muchly appreciated
  2. Did one last year. There are trade stalls dealing with the Grantham based units. When I was up there the transport regiment had a DROPS lorry on the training ground and they all had a go on that, there was a RAD. OP. tent with all there gear andf CAT. Support had a display. I think the Posties laid on a "Why things are seen" Green training display. The weekend is based on fun, although there maybe a bit of PT in there. If you take a friend then you tend to stick with them and go round the displays, if you go to help out you will end up running a stand.
    Postie, you just done your MATT's at Grantham?
  3. I'm helping so its basically a fam weekend then just wish they could be assed to send paperwork about it before sendin me a warrant for it on plus side get single room and yep only good think is free curry in 20/20