BAE Hummer rival

If a Hummer’s not tough enough, check out this mean-looking off-roader! The eight-tonne bruiser is a British-built prototype which could eventually see action as the replacement for the US Army’s legendary HUMVEE military vehicle.

It’s called the BAE Navistar Proto-type, and is as wide as the roadgoing Hummer H1, but is longer for added troop carrying capability.

It features a V-shaped underbody, designed to deflect mine blasts and prevent components penetrating the cockpit. Inch-thick armoured body panels provide protection from bullets, grenades and bombs.

Other equipment includes height-adjustable air-suspension with 43cm travel, all-wheel-drive and heavy-duty run-flat tyres. The Navistar is built on an ultra modern modular platform, so all the electrics, powertrain and armoured panels are easily interchangeable.

British-based military engineering giant BAE Systems is one of seven firms that are competing for the lucrative contract with the US armed forces to make the HUMVEE replacement. Proposals are due to be presented by 14 April, and the winner will be commissioned to produce an entire range of Joint Light Tactical Vehicles for safely transporting troops in war zones.

Considering what "hummer" is US slang for I presume that having some British input this will be adopted as the BAe Blowjob....
I'll take one in black with smoked glass windows and some of those blingy type wheel trims.
EX_STAB said:
Considering what "hummer" is US slang for I presume that having some British input this will be adopted as the BAe Blowjob....
Quite apt since, if it comes from British Wasteofspace, it's probably going to suck cock.
This better not be a repeat of the Iveco LMV fiasco. Is it any good?
The project is called Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) .

Unlike the Iveco LMV, it's much newer and so has been designed with lessons from Iraq.
I remember in Bosnia the VBL's of the FFL speeding past my LR 110 while going up hill - it was like I was crawling but I was doing about 30!
Mr_Deputy said:
Not hugely different from the VBL range of armoured cars (Panhard?)
Which I reckon is pretty handy.
It may look similar, but i wouldn't be surprised if it is utterly different in everyting but general shape. So, there is plenty of scope for Bae to screw it up!

This is screaming to be pimped! Cromed to the max!

I say these bad boys should be loaded wiv these, for that bangin' look in da hood. Send fear into da souls of dem Talibanses, cos when youse flex wiv these, you is da Daddy Mack.

Cha Boyeeeeeee!

imagine the stereo you could mount in one of those forget fast air just crank up the volume stun or kill anyone within a k

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