So I had a phonecall today from somebody in my local AFCO that I'd not spoken to before.
"Hello, is that worm? I'm just calling to confirm you can come in on the 8th to swear your oath of alleigance."

"Oh", says I, having not been contacted by my recruiters since passing ADSC back in October.

I had popped in to the AFCO after selection, and was told that "the girls in allocations" would sort me out the next couple of working days, and I would be phoned and told what was going on as joining instructions wouldn't be sent until 4 to 6 weeks before my intake.
Two weeks later, having heard nothing, I decide to give them a call. After a lot of chasing around for people trying to find somebody who knew what was going on, I was told that my intake would be 12th jan 09 but they weren't sure whether it would be Pirbright or Bassingbourne with the REME being moved around. Not a big deal, as it doesn't matter to me where I'll be really, it's just nice to know (and it's now been confirmed as Bassingbourne).
So then I get this phonecall today about my oath. Conveniantly enough, I can make it, but why has nobody contacted me already about it?

Are all recruiting offices this (seemingly) useless and unorganized?
No they are not useless or disorganised, you will find oddly that some AFCOs operate differently to others or have certain set recruitment standards for the area or Army, you will find that the recruiters try to co-horse young lads into joining the infantry or specific combat roles but if you have qualifications and choose technical or medical trades it can take longer because the army is much more desperate for its fighting troops manning capabilities so you may feel that they are not that interested in you but they are, your application will still go through and you will eventually start your career. as you are anyway.
me recruiting officer here in coventry i hate to say it but he is really gud at what he does, cos all thru my application process, it was really smooth, ran thru with no complications what so ever, and when i had to change my date from april to feb, cos i didnt want a late entry into basic, i had to change my first choice of job to my sec choice, and after he made some calls, he got me my new date, now the next time i spk to him, would be to sign papers and come in for my oath of allegiance swearing in...anyhow, i mean it comes with every job init? you have to shitty ones and then you have the ones who do it cos they love doing it and they do it, with fun.

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