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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by northern-matelot, Nov 11, 2012.

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  1. Ok this rambles abit but stay with me.

    Discussing with my LO lately about one of our "Green lids" onboard and the rules on him wearing it (officially he should only wear his green beret when in combat rig, but 99.99% of the time this rule is ignored by everyone as they have eared the right to wear it and hardly anyone will begrudge them the right to) and I know you squaddies still wear the Red and blue commando fighting knife on your rigs if quallified as do we matelots on our ones.Then it went on to someone mentioning cherry berets and para wings, being corrected about the beret being given and the wings earned. Finally one of the writers mentions he's an ex-red cap and started questioning why he can't wear his Red lid as he "earned" it and it was pointed out that unlike the Green lid and para wings, the red lid isn't a Tri-Service symbol so he was shit-out of luck.

    Now my question is are there any other courses that someone can do to earn the right to wear an item of clothing?
  2. I remember one bloke in my unit going to do his CMT1 & the senior instructor had his Para wings. He came down hard on those from 16 CSMR who didn't have their wings swanning around with the maroon beret & Para smocks so he decreed that only those who had the relevant qualifications could wear clothing other than CS95 standard.

    Geezer from my unit then asked if he was allowed to wear his arctic smock as he was qualified AMF(L). He was given the go ahead & only then started to go in wearing it. He said he was sweltering the whole time but it was worth it just to wind up the others on the course.
  3. Don't know about your Clearance Divers, but, the RAN CD's if 'they' pass the Basic Parachutist course they get this 'shiney' trinket to wear on their left above medals:


    Generally only the guys who have passed 'selection' for TAG-East, or in the olden days 'Nulla' Teams.
  4. I assume it's a service issue.

    As far as I'm aware, in the British Army one wears the headdress of his unit. Wings and Daggers are worn (in perpetuity) on the arm, although headdress MAY be worn in training units.

    For instance, my Staff Sergeant has earned both Wings and Dagger, but at our training unit he wears his Corps beret. As INT CORPS, we wear the Cypress Green and cap badge with some pride. It might not be ally, but we're very proud to be a minority who make a difference.

    I know a Navy lad who passed his CDO course and has BOOTNECK plastered all over his Facebook page. I've not done the course, and as such won't challenge it. For all I know, Navy personnel may be entitled to call themselves Booties having completed the AACC.

    What I do know is that before all else I am an Operator Military Intelligence, I am incredibly proud of that fact. And I doubt any of the countless regiments we support would belittle our contribution.

    Good on your man for passing an arduous course.
  5. Amen!
  6. When I was a STAB in the TA RE's there were a couple of guys who had been with the Paras before leaving and joining the TA (Or had been TA Para, I forget exactly. They had the Wings on their sleeves but as above never wore the Maroon lids, just the usual blue. Although I recall one of em was almost surgically attached to his Para Smock. Been 5 years since I left but I hope they are still with the unit. Funniest pair I ever met and made training weekends priceless along with a few other characters.
  7. 107?
  8. Tell your ex Red Cap to wear his lid, ashore, as often as possible. What a fantastic combination to take the piss out off, a Matelot monkey.

    He hasn't earned it by the way, he was issued it. :)
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  9. Yup. Been a long time since I left but I still remember the lot of em better than anything else, maybe mental scarring but its all good :p
  10. He has no right, he's a matelot. A Bootneck is a member of the Royal Marines. It'd be like me getting wings and saying I am a Para, I wouldnt be, I'd just be Para trained.

    We currently have a propper red cap onboard ship working as a translator, I wonder what would happen if I issued him a blue berret to

    He joined the ship wearing it, the RPO told him to get it off, along with the pusser backing him up!

    On topic with the theme of this thread, when working on RFA Fort George, we had a 2nd officer AVSO who wore his submariner dolphins on his 3's and 1's as he would have done when he was a matelot.
  11. Lineys in the Royal Corps used to 'earn' a leather Liney belt... usually for eating sh1t sandwiches.
  12. Tankies wearing black jumpers and black baby grows (coveralls)
  13. Royal signals Motorcycle Display team also wear them (much to the RTRs chagrin), and they earn their 'white helmet'.
  14. Army 100s badge on your sleeve ? Same for EOD badge ?.

    Edited to add RE divers badge ?.
  15. I've never understood why someone would join a Regt/Corps, pass a specific Bde's course, serve a bit of time there before moving on to spend years skipping around Dress Regs to cling to a bleedin' beret?!

    The endless conversations justifying my self made decision (as evidenced by the OP) would be reason enough for me to revert to the original beret.....if not a bit of pride in the RE, RA, RLC, Sigs or whichever All Arms unit they're from.

    More Reg than The Reg was an oft quoted phrase IIRC.