Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by helles-bells, Dec 29, 2007.

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  1. After reading posts in this forum and coming across the term “Badge” for the RSM, I got to wondering, when did badge start being used in the Corps? I never came across it in my time (left 1989). He was simply the Razzman or the RSM (or God to himself )
  2. Our was known as 'the big jock psychopath'.
  3. In my time he was normally known as the TARA......................t'RSM
  4. He was the scariest man I came across in my entire service.

    If you remember JD, myself and Phil S******** were two of the first blokes to go on a charge when he was RSM. The rifting he gave us whilst we were stood there in our two's stays with me to this day. He shouted at me for a full five minutes with his grid never more than two inches from mine. When he finished, we looked like we'd been in a wind/saliva tunnel.
  5. Or the gentleman who called the other badge' wife an ugly fat lizard and still lived.
  6. But to be fair Discovery you were very pisshed.:) Happy New Year mate
  7. It wasn't me it was Noshbag remember, however I do remember Smudge Smiths mrs in that robin hood fancy dress get up MMMMMMM
  8. Yes I remember now. I got a right bollocking too and I wasn't even in the transport in question!!! Plus that the Badge should have had a couple of drinks and left rather than hanging on to the grim death. Mind you I think that had more than a little something to do with smudgers386 and his wifes Robin Hood outfit.
  9. She certainly was a game girl wasn't she!!
  10. Any lady who wears that sort of webbing gets my vote, especially when that skirt was short no I meant non-existant