If a chap joins the TA as a clerk/driver/chef etc to their local unit eg RMP/field hosp/engineers are they badged to that unit or do they wear the RLC cap badge if a driver etc?
RLC cap badge, however if they are in a Feathered unit, they may be (somewhat laughably) told by the Razzman to "Get a shagging Hackle into that beret!" as I once over heard a chef getting told.
Attached Arms should be badged to their parent Corp, ie, AGC, RLC REME etc. Bt can wear the Regiments / Corp headress of the unit they are attached to.



cheers that clears that up then.

Local Field Hosp has slots for driver, Rad op just wondering who I'd be badged to. What's the chances of being deployed as an IR then from that unit. Would I have to wait until they are deploying or can one volunteer to augment another field hosp. I'm looking to be deployed by Oct 2012.(MTDs permitting!!!)
On the other hand...

Some trades aren't attached but are integral. The vast majority of drivers aren't RLC, for instance. The chances are that if you join your local unit, you'll wear their capbadge and they'll put you in for relevant trade training and keep the same capbadge. It's only if you join a unit which later attaches you to another unit, as opposed to transfer, that you'll have a different capbadge.

So if you join your local infantry unit aspiring to become a chef, you'll train as an infantryman initially then transfer to the RLC, changing capbadge in the process. After that you may end up back at the infantry unit as attached personnel, still wearing the RLC badge.

Join an infantry unit aspiring to be a driver, the unit will send you on a driving course and you'll come back from it still wearing your infantry capbadge.
We had ret hatted sloppo's and tiffies in my pro coy. They kept their cap badges though.

I met two dental hygienists on my BIT course who were wearing "their" head dress because they flossed teeth in Hereford. Good lads though despite their abhorrent sexual deviancy.
Some units, especially hospitals, have a massive number of attached personnel. You'll find RLC, R Sigs, RE, Inf and all sorts. In the Regular world, these would normally be relatively short term postings. In the TA, we tend to stay in one place but promotion could suffer as a result.


Putties, not too bothered about promotion(yet) just want deployed on Herrick. I have been told I am not going out by with the RNR, which was my reason for joining(and they told me at the recruiting night I could go, silly fool here swallowed it, after all the lies I have been told as a cop and a Nurse/prison officer!!!!).

are you attached to a Hosp?
No, I'm a proper Sapper, though some branches of Sappering would dispute that. My unit does have non-Engineer trades as enablers and almost permanently has opportunities for deployment.


that sounds good to me. I'll just ask the PSAO what my chances are on Thursday, I presume if I'm willing to deploy by Oct next year I'd be allocated extra MTDs as part of this GCM that I've read about on here.
The effect on the TA of SDSR hasn't been published yet...

Or if it has, I haven't heard about it yet.
Just completed TSC(A) and there was a boy who joined a field hosp unit with an engineers capbadge on a t.o.s... all rather interesting :)
Yes that is correct, RE do the lighting
Yes that is correct, RE do the lighting
That's what we thought but this guy is a Brickie and concreter. He is part of 205 and as stated wears their ToS and tartan flash but with an RE capbadge, he is not RE attached to 205.
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