Badge with a hat or vice versa?!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Ozduke, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Ozduke

    Ozduke LE

    Is this normal?!

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  2. Ozduke

    Ozduke LE

    Sorry wasn't looking - should be in QM's bit I suppose.

    Can a grown up please move it?
  3. qman

    qman War Hero

    should be in the QM's but that could be his capbadge as oppose to his rank. I think the 'general list' uses the scrambled egg affair as a capbadge - but no he doesn't look normal and if a bloke was looking at my pint the way he was looking at the camera i'd let him have my pint
  4. Ozduke

    Ozduke LE

    The photograph was taken whilst the gentleman was RSM of the 6th Bn Royal Australian Regiment in 1966 in Vietnam.

    He has licence I suppose, to look peeved.
  5. qman

    qman War Hero

    I'd be peeved if someone made me attach a bullseye to my head as well.

    Which branch of the Aussie army did you go into?
  6. OPPO

    OPPO War Hero

    He doesn't look normal to me... Possibly a Monty Python character, Gumby Flower arranging or similar.

    Why the rank in the hat? Doesn't he have arms to hold a pacestick like all other Rasmen??? :?
  7. boney_m

    boney_m LE

    And how would you then tell the difference, at a difference, between him and his CSM/SSM's? Its fair to say tho that the sighting of a pace stick should have the same reaction in an individual whether its the RSM or not.
  8. Perhaps being on ops he had better things to carry than a pace stick.
  9. OPPO

    OPPO War Hero

    Wood for the trees lads. C'mon, I mean arms for the RSM rank wrist band!!! :p :roll: :wink: :D

    Being on Ops, the shiny thing in his subdued titfer is mong...
  10. OPPO

    OPPO War Hero

    Oh and if he had no wrists, he could at least have shoved a cloth one on a brassard like wot any normal person would do. :p

    Unless he's farting about, he's improperly dressed. Would an NCO wear his stripes on his hat? NAH!

    BTW, Aussie RSM's don't wear this type of rank insignia these days. Did they back then? If not it's even odder...
  11. OPPO

    OPPO War Hero

    Well with a DCM I guess old Chinny could do whatever the hell he wanted. :) He's God as an RSM anyway.