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I know a bloke who is a bit of a badge spotter. He has a badge which he can not find out the origin of. He asked me if it was British - but it’s nothing like I have ever seen. As he doesn’t think it’s Kiwi or Aussie I said I would ask on here.

See picture below
a picture would help.

A laurel wreath ususally points to being British, although it could be Canadian as well
No - I'm on a computer at work and the internet nazis seem to have determined that military badges are very naughty things to be looking at, and have blocked the site. Probably explains the red x, too. I'll have a look later on my own computer.
Have shown this around. We don't think it's RAF. It's actually crossed swords, which rules the Rocks out.

The thinking here is that it could be from Empire days, and possibly a glider badge of some sort. Maybe South Africa, Rhodesia or somewhere like that?
take out the bird and replace it with a snake
take out the swords and replace them with a staff
Slightly alter the shape of the wreath
put a scroll with a motto written on it at the bottom

and its easily identified as none other than the capbadge of the Royal Army Medical Corps.
I hope thats of help to the original question :D
The copy isn't that good but it looks like an Polish Pilots eagle superimposed on an RAF Sqn badge. Could it be one of the WW2 Polish Sqns.
Don't think it's Polish - the eagle isn't 'droopy' enough.

I wonder if it belongs to one of the many specialist joint units of WW2?
A modern badge as Polar notes ,may be a Uni/collage ATC badge ?

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