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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Squiggles, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. I've just been looking through a facebook friend's wedding photos and spotted a couple of things that confused me.

    He and his best man wore blues (they are both Regs before anyone starts on us STABs). Both JNCOs in an infantry regiment however the best man is sporting a set of crossed rifles above his two stripes.

    I thought, not being one myself, that infanteers didn't wear SAA quals? If he is a skilly wouldnt this have been as part of SCBC and therefore wouldn't he have crossed bayonets or something? Is there another reason he would have crossed rifles or could this just be a case of "dressing up" for the wedding.

    Another one, they seem to have got changed into mess dress for the reception. Again the badge appears on the mess dress. I know they must have bought/hired the mess dress themselves but is ok for a JNCO to wear it?

    I haven't asked him myself for fear of offending him, or worse looking ike a prick as I don't know what I'm talking about.

    Any ideas please?

  2. Many Infantry Regiment have JNCOs' Messes, many of which allow/require Mess Dress. As a LCpl attached to a certain Scottish Regiment some years ago I had to purchase a set of Mess Dress.

    Edited 'cos I monged it first time....
  3. Thanks Legs I didn't know that. I've been to a few (non-Inf) Cpl's messes and have never seen it.
  4. My old regt, non Inf, had a mess dress for it's JNCOs.

    Could you tell from the photos if there was a 'S' above the rifles? or doesn't that badge go there?
  5. I thought that if you wore crossed rifles above your stripes it denoted a distinction in one or another weapons course.

    The one with an 'S' does go there if the person wearing it is an instructor if not it goes on the lower left arm
  6. I was under the impression that crossed rifles above stripes would denote a SAA instructor?

    Also, wouldn't the addition of an 'S' make it a snipe badge?
  7. Not ALL Inf Cpls and Sgts attend SC/PSBC.

    He may well be a heavy weapons type bloke, who has attended the OA SAA in order to instruct at CIC.

    We had a few like that on my SAA cse.

    Or he could be a non-combat stream trade who has collected his OA SAA. (again in my section we had a Signals Plt Sgt who was doing that).

    Bangalore, I think you getting confused with the myth that if your rifles touch your stripes then you got distinction.

    Other than that ALL rifles are worn above the stripes if you the holder of SAA. The only exclusion to that that I am aware of, is my own Corps' who wear the rifles over the stripes at Sgt/SSgt because we have a little jimmy above our stripes.

    Don't know if the Gunners/Sappers do a similar thing becasue they have little guns and flower pots above their stripes at Sgt.
  8. The SAA crossed rifle badge is normally worn by people who have completed / posted to depot...

    I done SCBC in the late 90's and was allowed to wear crossed daggers on my right lower sleeve..
  10. Crossed Bayonets surely?
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