A while after the move and just going through some boxes that have not been opened for about 5, 6, 7 or 8 years and then a bit in some cases. I used to collect badges and still apparently have a small sh*d load, this one was given to me anyone remember it? The original was back in the 60's.....I think. Tthere is a pic of a particular skydive team in Tony Geraghtys picture book of THEM where they are all wearing it on Regt'l tracksuits. This one was a repro out of a batch that one of THEM geezers had knocked up in the 80's or so.

Selous Scout cap badge, aluminium anodised with makers stamp so its a real one. Selous scout wing, numbered 12?? of 1500 produced, under 500 were actually awarded. A nicely padded Rhodie SAS wing.

There is a SF skills competition every year called CTC in 2011 GSG-9 hosted and produced this as a memento for participants.

Officially this is a relatively new'ish branch of the German Federal Police. However, the unit was founded by the last CO of GSG-9 and is staffed by personnel who are more or less all ex-GSG-9. Why? Because GSG-9 operators must leave GSG-9 when they reach 45 and they still have 10 years of Federal Police service ahead of the over the hill ex-boss put this together to keep the boys from having to issue parking tickets for 10 years.

Austrian Federal Police 1st version para wings and an improvised (they did'nt have an official one) nationality patch. The unit is called Gendarmerie Einsatz Kommando or COBRA.

Latvia. The red and white ones were first pattern and no longer used by the military as such, they are used by the Latvian Police SWAT members who are para qualified - some old feckers in the military still wear them though apparently. The second pattern single wing is in use by the military.

There's Chinese sweat shops in Shanghai downloading these to start knocking out fakes as you read this, don't think I'm kidding.
Do you have any of these?

I was given a few sets of para wings and it sort of grew into collecting every variant of all the NATO para wings, including the new members. That was cloth, metal, shiny, subdued and mess dress. My caveat was that they had to either come from an official source or were approved for official wear. I was that much of an anorak for a while I was approached to scribble a book about NATO wings - researched it for a while but too many NATO members were not forthcoming with enough publishable information.

Chimurenga PM.
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