Badge Question.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wessex_warrior, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. Please excuse the bone post.

    Got issued some desert gear for a regimentaal jaunt to Texas last night. We've been told to put on a patch (the wessex brigade wyvern) 1 inch below the union flagon the left arm. Only problem is... there's a pocket in the way.

    Do i sow it to the flap of the pocket, the body of the pocket or below the pocket??
  2. Easy answer to this one.
    Just dont sew it on, yes you may recieve a slight ear bashing but what the hell.
    I don't understand the Army's fasination with badges at the moment, It breaks me, One particular unit ive seen (A&SH) wear more badges on their kit that the boy scouts!
  3. Stitch the badge on the top flap of your pocket, therefore having both the badge and the pocket serviceable.
    However being in A&SH I must point out tht we wear no more badges than any other unit in 16 Bde our TRF, union flag, Bde flash and instead of wings which very few of us have we wear the Royal Regiment of Scotland flash.
  4. Ok, but i reckon the bn should be exempt from wearing the RRS TRF all the time its part of the bde.
    I mean your DZ Flash and your RRS TRF on the same arm is abit much! i think even ther founder of the boy scouts would agree on that one! :p
  5. I was told about a guy who had on right arm:

    Reg TRF
    DZ flash
    Ad qual ie AT
    ISAF badge

    On left arm:
    Union flag

    How naff!
  6. Why not just use the TRF as a DZ Flash?

    I note that the RLC use Black/Red as a DZ and Blue/Yellow as a TRF for example! Why not just wear a bigger TRF?

    All the Corps do not need two sets of colours! and that goes for the Infantry as well.

    P.S. What does a Royal Regiment of Scotland DZ Flash look like anyway?
  7. Saltire with a golden lion, I'd look for a pic and post a link but im far too lazy for that!
    Somebody needs to have a word with the powers that be reference this badge fascination, I dont think i'm alone when i say its annoying the f*ck out of me!
  8. I think I'll start a rumour that des Browne's missus owns a majority share-holding in a cotton thread wholesaler...
  9. Don't get me wrong I hate having so many badges, but one of the few ways we can distinguish ourselves (especially in the field/ on Ops) from the other four Battalions is by wearing our TRF. Oh and if its not enough that we have so many badges but also we have a normal one for our shirts and a subdued one for our jackets.
  10. [​IMG]

    So if the 5th Bn as part of 16 Air Assault are wearing a TRF and a DZ Flash at the same time - Whats the differance? and why wear both?