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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jockaneese, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Anyone ID this badge?

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  2. Could it be School of Infantry Signals Wing at Warminster?
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    DP pattern looks dodgy, could be cloggie.
  4. Was used by thoses as Instructors/Posted to Royal School of Signals, Blandford Forum up until a few years ago.

    If thats a new photo from someones sleve in a Gen Up unit and not in an Army Surplus then I stand to be corrected if its been resurected by another part of G6 somewhere in the Army
  5. Disruptive Pattern... patten? :)

    That's definately not a cloggie crown.
  6. Originally worn as a 'facing pair' by all staff at the royal school of signals, I believe now only worn by senior instructors at same, on one arm only.

    Prepares to be corrected.
  7. That CS95 DPM.
  8. That badge was worn by all the Military Permanent Staff at the Royal School of Signals. The CO went to one of HRH The Queen's Garden Parties, dress CS95, when Her Maj asked him what the flash was, he told her, she then wandered off to mingle and a couple of minutes later, one of Her Representatives spoke to the CO (at the time) and told him in no uncertain terms that both He and every member of his unit would have the flash removed from their uniforms by the next morning. It would appear that the CO (at the time) had taken it upon himself to produce this flash and not got The Queens approval. I don't think that every fecker who had to buy them got a refund though. Which is a shame
  9. It's the dress commitee that have the say on badge authorisation and what can and cannot be bought at public expence. I would very much doubt whether the Queen could actually give a fcuk as it's got nothing to do with her in the first place
  10. ... apart from the fact it's her crown that's used?
  11. I think her other half is a bit of a fanatic over dress regs though. In 1973 HM Customs were given metal badges for there uniformed officers. Phil saw one at Heathrow and hit the roof. He said nothing less than a gilt wire embroidered badge was to be worn by commissioned* Officers of Her Majesty's Customs and Excise. A few months later, everyone got a nice new one.

    *Civil service commission, not Queens, etc;
  12. Sounds like a particularly gash dit. Dress code at these events does not include combats.
  13. I doubt if he would have even got past the gate in CS95. Dress for Serving Officers is Service Dress

    Many of these 'Regimental Patches' were never approved by the Army Dress Committee in the first place, but this patch seems to have been used before:

    Hodges lists the patch as

    11 Signal Regiment, based on the Royal School of Signals Catterick badge, worn [by 11 sigs] from 1997 to 2003 when ordered to remove it.

    There is a aspriation by 11 Signal Regiment to readopt the badge"

    Britiish Army Badges 2007