Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RTFQ, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. RTFQ


    Been thinking, who were/are the top 10 nastiest baddies?

    1. Cylons (evil muthas, made of washing machines)
    2. The flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz
    3. The witch from Supergirl
    4. The Ranchor Monster
    5. Evil Superman
    6. The aliens from the War of the Worlds soundtrack (you can't see them but MAN their music is scary)
    7. The Nazi's from Raiders of the Lost Ark
    8. Evil Rimmer (from Red Dwarf, not that nasty Ladyboy what hangs around covent garden)
    9. That REALLY scary girl out of the Ring, in fact she should be number one.
    10. That dog out of the Omen what makes you hang yourself.
  2. Clare Short
  3. RTFQ


    True, if she crawled out of my tele while I was watching catchphrase I would CACK myself!
  5. RTFQ


    Isn't that the new uniform for 1st (SF B1tches) Bn The Parachute Regt?
  6. The childcatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang used to scare the shiete out of me as a kid 8O
  7. Colin Farrell's hair in Alexander is pretty creepy.

    Or the Bird in Fatal attraction.
  8. TCH? Blair? or Brown?

    Maybe the next James Bond movie plot, could run along the lines of how Spectre had taken over a decent law abiding nations government by subversion and needed to be dealt with?
  9. Cybermen! Where are the Cybermen!?? Scary b'stards they were.Darth Vader has to be up there somewhere too.
  10. Captain Scarlett - The Mysterons

    The Mysterons are a race of Martians who are never seen - they appear only as disembodied voices and the famous 'Eyes'. They can take over people and things, replacing them with a perfect replica under their control.
    During a mission to Mars, Captain Black destroyed their base thinking them a threat. They immediately started hostilities, declaring a 'War of Nerves' on Earth and all earthlings. Among their fiendish plots they have turned Captain Brown into a human bomb, sabotaged Air Conditioning systems and plotted the death of Fashion Designers.

    Ironically, their main earth agent is Captain Black - who was killed, revived under the control of the Mysterons, and now acts a spy and saboteur...

    O O
  11. The Daleks ..... until Tom Baker came along, he was scarier.
  12. Ants !.

    Millions of the buggers, you can never stamp on enough - and they work as a team.

    Superb film where the research scientists are controlling a colony - which eventually controls them. Food for thought !, but by the end the top scientist is forced to breed with the tart for the curiosity of the ants, so it was a happy ending. Of sorts.
  13. the ship in event horizon....
  14. Captain Black is a Manchester United fan apparently - which explains a lot.
  15. 1) Robert De Niro's charater in Cape Fear
    2) Those creepy kids with funny eyes from that film about the village (unsure of title) 8O
    3) The plant in Little Shop of Horrors :D
    4) The entire island's population from the Wicker Man
    5) Alan Rickman in Die Hard (not a scary baddie, but a satisfying villain none the less)
    6) The very British officers that drive the Empire's spaceships in Star Wars
    7) TCH
    8) The ship in Event Horizon
    9) The dentist chap in Marathon Man ("is it safe...?)
    10) (not exactly a baddie i know, but...) the noise/shaking rubble of the approaching tanks in Saving Private Ryan