Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by KENNYR, Mar 16, 2004.

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  1. deleted by me
  2. So, what are you trying to say, KENNY? Get off the fence young man, speak your mind.
  3. deleted by me
  4. Mmmm, but a response like that will just make baddass rub his hands with glee, KEN. :wink:
  5. you're right Monk! Thanks for the sanity check :lol:
  6. Think you really do need a sanity check kenny, you are definetley in need of help methinks.

    Thought you had quit posting? let me try and help, if you hadnt made so light of the serious topic you admitted to and the only thing you seemed to regret was it cost you a nothing medal, well it leads me to believe two things, you have no regard and respect of others, and you had a really mediocre career in the military.

    Your obviously spending a lot of time brooding over this, and attacking baddass constentley because of his reaction , yet I feel my reaction to you was far worse.

    Now I dont want to see anyone quit this forum over one subject it can go away, just dont expect people to support what you did, your very very lucky it only cost you a worthless medal.
  7. Oh look..........another thread about me!

    You'd think that I was unpopular wouldn't you?

    KENNY should team up with some of the other w*nkers on this site (QMan and co). Perhaps it needs a combined effort.

    Bring it on!

    PS. You're still a cnut and your mum stinks of fish.
  8. If yo need any help Baddass - you know where to find me.

    (The skips at the back of the Town Hall)
  9. Remember this thread pre the deletions, also remember the same kind of thing from Vespa...
  10. Don't fcuk with the Wongs.
  11. Why will they beat me up with chinese lettuce and water chestnuts?????

    Hi Gunny - missed ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. It seems to me that KennyR is so pissed off because he wanted another gong so desperatly to keep his Queens Jubilee company. :p

    Pissed up REMF
  13. what has kenny been saying ?

    (ive not been here as i was on holiday fcuking need one an´all seeing how the budget turned out)
  14. Said your a TW*T :lol:
  15. if you are trying to wind me up well sorry pal, it hasnt worked ,
    excuse while i have a big yawn YAWWWNNNNN ! :p

    BTW im in spain sunning myself , just thought i would have a nose to see how it is News, chat with friends etc etc while looking at webcams of UK (shite weather) makes me apprechiate the heat even more :lol:
    Gibraltar is not too bad rite now and so is Fuengirola mmmm well gotta go back to the beach :arrow: .........