Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Aug 6, 2002.

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  1. I love it when he gets tough!
  2. One of those "Pop-Up" attacks methinks.....  ;D

    Only turned my back for 5 mins, and every thread that looked like developing into a laff was terminated with extreme whatnot.

    I know the reason, Honestly CombatShadow and SB, you 2 need to get a room  :eek: :eek:

    Whaddya mean there was another reason? ;D
  3. It could be ARRSE's first romantic success... we'lll be buying hats soon.....
  5. nah - I'm not into all that lovey dovey stuff. I like being single.

    So no need to buy hats yet. F_S, I would have thought you would be next - you sound all loved up!
  6. We are.  But no hats yet.... Perhaps ARRSE could overtake the Daily Telegraph for engagement announcements though?  Far more classy.. :)
  7. Awwww, combat - are your feelings hurt?    Hang in there old bean.

    PS We had better take this to the Naafi bar before Humps or Bad CO get cross.  Then again..... grrrr
  8. :mad: Switch to serious mode :mad:.

    It was a shame that BadCO had to close down some serious topics because:

    1)      They descended into a lewd (& occasionally amusing) repartee that departed from the thread and that would have been better placed elsewhere in ARRSE.  

    2)      The negative inputs from Ma_Sonic.  

    Polite request  ;):  Can we please keep slightly closer to the thread in future and, perhaps, BadCo can block Ma_Sonic until such time as he grows up.  

    ;D Switch back to happy mode  ;D
  9. I'm with GGG on this one. Some childish comments ruined a very interesting thread.
  10. Ah, it does appear that a flanking move is alive and well.
    I thought you'd tried to get Ma kicked off by Good CO, now thats failed you do appear to be trying to achieve the same ends via Bad CO.  I really hate it when my kids ask me for something and when I've said no go and ask their mum.

    I may not always agree with Ma, but even if he is kicked off there is nothing to stop him coming back under another name.  Better the Devil you know?
  11. You go away for 2 weeks and the place descends in to chaos...  :mad:

    Size ten steel toe caps are now fitted, stand by time wasters.
  12. Oooh - now Humps is getting tough too.... ggrrrr
  13. DV - Regarding Ma, good point well made.  If the moderators have the time, perhaps they could knock out any of Ma's less constructive posts and leave any pearls of wisdom.