Badass of the Week

Some entertaining stuff on there - I liked the one about M3 the Wolverine...

Craig Harrison - he da man
What I particularly like about the website site is how OTT and seemingly slightly tapped in the head the author is, but still writes extremely well .

@ eodmatt - ditto Corporal of Horse Harrison - he da man.

[SIZE=-1]The dial on his huge watch is permanently set to "TIME TO KICK ASS".[/SIZE]
Quality, had me ill with the laffin'

The guy even sells Badass:The T-shirt, I want one of those dot com!



Book Reviewer
Eric sykes ? helped to invent the blade ?? did hattie know that he was out ......

Quality, had me ill with the laffin'

The guy even sells Badass:The T-shirt, I want one of those dot com!
Who is looking at his t-shirt?

Craig Harrison, a contender for the title ultimate badass currently held by Chuck Norris !

although I think M3 could take both of them in hand to hand.
Born in Cheshire, England, Big Bill joined the cadets at age 15 and enlisted in the Army at 18. He joined the infamous Black Watch on August 10, 1945, signing on with one of the toughest groups of whisky-swilling kilted Scots bayonet-enthusiasts to ever skewer a Nazi to death with his own dismembered manhood. Well, unfortunately for Bill, World War II ended just five days after he enlisted, which was kind of a bummer because he was pretty stoked about the idea of rabbit-punching Fascists in the dick.

With a rain of explosive death keeping the Chinese troops’ heads down, the psychotic Scotsmen stormed Hill 317 through a curtain of bullets, leaping into the enemy trenches and pummeling everyone they could find into a meaty paste with the sort of ferocity you typically don’t see outside of an Edinburgh tavern parking lot fifteen minutes after closing time on a Thursday.

Now, Bill Speakman was six feet, six inches tall, and he had the awesome ability to chuck a hand grenade about twice as far as anyone else in his Regiment. And once he got to his trench, he started chucking bombs like it was Super Mario Bros 2 on the 38th Parallel. Any time he saw a muzzle flash, heard a battle cry, or saw a group of dudes, he ******* whizzed a frag in there like he was Juan Marichal bean-balling the **** out of an opposing batter.

******* quality writing.

******* quality writing.
You've never seen some US Mil tech/training manuals that were produced in comic book format. This is appealing to the intellect of the average American educated, high school and college padded up football playing, pick-up driving, redneck, moron.

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