Bad to worse for the Andrew

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by msr, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Ok enlighten me are nuclear subs launched with champagne bottles...did this one fail to break? Black cat anyone?
  3. Didnt so much fail to break, more bounced off, flew back hitting the sponsor in the head, and knocking her out cold :)
  4. From what I hear it was rather the sub hit the tug due to various unavoidable circumstances.

    Damn sundogers...
  5. Out fenders!
  6. Bit of filler and quick spray job , no one will tell the diff....
  7. You would get the same effect if you were towing a car, then suddenly jammed on your brakes. The car you were towing would, in all likelihood, collide with you. Would you blame the bloke in the car that you were towing, or yourself for failing to take account of the situation correctly?
  8. I realise that, hence "unavoidable"

    The sundodgers bit was banter, no need to take offence :)
  9. I saw that the tug on the news looked like it was painted in the USCG colours. Was it one of ours or one of their's? Also I believe at the time our boat was hit it was still stuck.
  10. TM - no, its one of ours (scheduled to be scrapped due to the SDSR ironically) and no, it wasn't 'still stuck'
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Has there not been a report that the tug got a rope round her screw? At which point she would be unable to manoeuvre if the boat swung towards her and Astute may not have had enough room or time to stop the swing. This suggests itself to me because the rope must have been slack meaning the boat had come free and would have been swinging towards the vessel that pulled her off. I'm sure a BoI will sort it out. Meanwhile the pongoes can go on giggling, does no harm.

    The main constructive point in all this is that a shoestring Navy predicated on each vessel being available whenever wanted will leave the Govt short of options whenever anything like this happens. We had a lucky escape when our SSBN bumped a Frog one (or vice versa) (and so did Fr.). Similarly with Endurance's flood off Chile. And these little happenstances are a normal part of seafaring life. See all the back numbers of 'Collisions and Groundings' for those who have access.

    Way back Diamond collided with Swiftsure (senior officer). Swiftsure: "What are you going to do now?" Diamond "Buy a farm."
  12. The tug's owner may have something to say about that. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency don't own the tugs and merely charter them, crew and all despite the paint job. IIRC at least part of the contract is coming up for renewal, or not.
  13. Rather unlikely as said tug has twin screws somewhat protected by Kort nozzles and she has thrusters at both ends. Mr Magoo would be able to keep that in a straight line even if one screw managed to get fouled.
  14. all of you need to rember that the rn are doin there loadsa respect for the senior service and im sure that this is a blip for them.