Bad timing...............

I was sitting in my office all on my lonesome when an air biscuit slipped loose from my back bottom orifice. It was quick, silent and very very deadly. Traces of stale Boddingtons, putrified roast beef, a hint of Friday nights Thai curry and possibly some molecules of an egg banjo assailed my nostrils in short order.

Now, seeing that I was sitting by myself for at least two hours, how come that AS SOON AS I dropped that panty coff two people walked into my office and smelt this essence of death. I witnessed their nostrils curl in disgust, but and this is the question.........neither of them said a word as I ushered them swiftly into fresher air.

Why is it that when you drop an air bomb alone do people immediately appear ?
That'll teach people to knock before they enter your office.

It was obviously a defence mechanism.
You should savour the moment. Tell them to come in, shut the door, sit down. Sit there with a huge grin on your face watching them slowly and uncomfortably melt under your nerve gas deployment.

A good guff is a masterpiece which should be treated as such, not avoided.
The first thing you should have said when the pair of the entered your office was :

"Alright fella's. Here, can you two smell petrol!"

They would have then involuntarily taken a deep nasal breath. Thus ensuring the two "trespassers" received a deep lungful of your bottom filth. :D

That'll teach the fuckers to knock next time!!

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