Bad time for joining?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by pazza, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. Just a quick one...maybe. I have been looking at some reports on the Army 2020 re-structuring that will happen in the future and I was wondering how this will affect the TA and who will be there etc. I know there is a basing plan coming soon but I was hoping someone with a bit more knowledge on this would be able to shed some light or give an opinion on what changes might happen. If I was to look at "X" regiment, would it be replaced with "Y" regiment, moved to an Army base or disappear altogether. I hope I have made myself clear in what I'm trying to say, so should I wait a few months to see what further information might come up?
  2. Even if said 'X' regiment was replaced with 'Y' regiment etc etc you can transfer within the TA to a different Reg or Capbadge.

    Plus, if it is a popular regiments, ie recruits coming out of their ears, they are more inclinded to take you on if you are already trained (that is trained as a soldier, not necessarily traded as you may have to retrade if joining a different capbadge anyway)
  3. The TA/AR should be OK as you need to look at FR2020, AR2020 the rebalancing / rebasing is more on the regular side, the TA / AR and is actively recruiting and needs to have a trained strength of 30,000 by 2018!!

  4. I'll be nice. If you join now it will make almost **** all difference to you. The TA are expanding, not downsizing. The role you are doing might be slightly different, but it won't really make any difference. Firstly before doing any trade training, you will have phase one... Also your selection and application will take more than a couple of months anyway. What I am saying is that if you want to join the TA then just go and do it.
  5. You will be fine. It's some of the RHQ elements mainly that will shut/move etc.
  6. Fantastic come aboard the Secretary of State for defences cunning plan is working. Have you got any friends, he wants lots like you!
  7. Experienced ex-regulars? I imagine he does want a lot like me, yes. However, I don't like to jump in the deep end without doing some research first which would be the most sensible thing to do. Thanks for your replies so far.
  8. Join now but be prepared to wait as being an ex-reg the unit will have to send a 203 special enlistment form to Glasgow and it tends to take a few months to come back. Once you're in transferring isn't that difficult if you discovered you needed to.
  9. Check out the AF B203 thread regarding the wait
  10. To be hones I have been thinking about it and have decided not to join now. This deployment every 5 years is the one that made my mind up as I know it will be really bad for my job and construction is not an industry that favours employees to disappear for long periods of time. Thanks but no thanks TA, but a serious thanks to any replies in my threads.