Bad-tempered mod?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by LankyPullThrough, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Am I alone in thinking that one of the Mod Squad seems to be showing signs of strain? No names, no clues, but his posts seem to me increasingly characterised by dogmatic pronouncements, unveiled threats and ill-concealed ill-humour. While never, in my opinion, exactly burdened by humility, said mod appears particularly fractious at the moment.

    I'm sure moderation's a thankless task - which begs the question, if you apparently don't enjoy it, why bother? Anyone else either noticed or care?

    If so, maybe consideration might be given to the following possible courses of action, either singly or in combination:

    - a holiday for said mod
    - remedial moderation lessons from PTP and MDN, conducted in good cop/bad cop style
    - a substitution: there seem to be some excellent candidates for additional, if not replacement, moderator. Personally, I think Cuddles would make an excellent mod.
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Nice complaint. [/sarcasm]

    PTP and MDN are the 2 Mods who are chiefly complained about on here, usually by moaning civilians with no idea about the kind of mindset that Arrse is aimed at. They both do a fantastic job.

    And you have cited those two as shining examples to educate another Mod who has done his job? Christ, he must have annoyed you. What happened, did you have a post deleted that wasn't in Current Affairs? [/sarcasm again, as it appeared to be stuck on]
  3. Spineless.

    If you have a genuine complaint, post all the details and some specifics. Not just airy fairying about with random statements. Better still PM the Mod in question.

    It doesn't look like you have a genuine complaint, just your nose put out of joint because POVs differ.
  4. Fair point which I'll respond to.I have not been involved in any differences, spats or the like.

    As an irregular reader and even less regular poster here, I have come back to the site after a bit of a break and observed some online altercations and wondered if the referee wasn't getting more involved in play than I remembered being usual.

    I repeat, I wondered. I'm seeing if there is cause for concern as the tone and tenor of some exchanges seems different to me (note: to me) not complaining. Had I a specific grievance, then I would pursue it.

    I have formed a subjective impression and seeing if it's objective. You don't appear to think so. Maybe it is just me then...

    Edited to add: I saw the 'What is happening to my lovely arrse' thread after making the initial post and it would appear not unrelated.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Agree with Fug's here.PTP done some outstanding work on the Pun VC & Op Nimby threads.He's fair & tolerant.
    As for MDN,as long as you don't mention sloppy seconds with Jade Goody & Tugboat Turney,then he'll leave you alone.
    As ARSSE is frequently poached by the press for quotes,the Mods work is never done!
  6. No one complains about me, Its the law and it always ends in tears. :D

    As for the snidey dig at the mod in question, either PM him direct or name and shame him, let him have his say.
  7. All MODs are ARRSE!
  8. [quote="minister_doh_nut"

    As for the snidey dig at the mod in question, either PM him direct or name and shame him, let him have his say.[/quote]

    Fair enough. On reflection, I can admit that a misguided attempt at subtlety looked spineless and snide, inviting by implication others to say what I dare not.

    cpunk: How about leaving your ego in the drawer when you moderate?

    Sure, it's a tough job. Sure, you covered by PTP and he was a hard act to follow but I scanned one thread which you dispatched to the hole because you were 'bored' with it. WTF? I'm sure it was for a better reason than that, but just doing it in that way almost de-legitimises the decision and act at a stroke in the eyes who should learn from the call.

    Somewhere else, you returned from 'real work' clearly not a happy camper. If moderation's that much of a ball-ache, time for a holiday?

    I can appreciate not wanting things to turn into a bear-pit (except in the appropriate forums) but I think there are times when you risk becoming part of the problem and not the solution.

    Re. my dig about not being over-burdened with humility, well I should front up to that as well. While benefitting at times from your knowledge here, I do think you are an arrogant tw@t who's not always as in command of his facts as he thinks.

    However, this may be emotional colouring on my part as, while I don't know you, I know who you are. There's nothing more than the face value aspect to that but, I'm sure you will admit, you haven't always been the least controversial of men in the 'projects' you've been involved in (civilian and military).

    Time for a holiday?
  9. L_P_T its the same as TV, if you don't like what your seeing change the channel...goodbye....
  10. If the only options are like it or lump it then why bother having a complaints section?
  11. Dry your eyes Princess. Like Frenchie said, if you don't like it, don't look at it.

    Now don't let the door bang you on the arrse on the way out.

    Sluggy x
  12. If it is any consolation, I think you are a proper cnut.
  13. L_P_T, you've started a thread, initially without the gumption to name the Moderator in question. So tell us, are you that vexed that you HAVE made a complaint to the Admins about said Mod or Mod's? If you feel THAT strongly about it I would suggest that as your first port of call.

    Whilst ARRSE is NOT a democracy, we Mods certainly don't think that we are above constructive criticism. While he is a weirdo who likes touching the gonads of small rodents, cpunk is one of the most even minded and balanced Moderators on ARRSE, in my opinion. Did I mention he drinks with his pinkie sticking out? :roll:

    The fact remains that, in my opinion, the vast majority of new threads started nowadays should be deleted, on sight, as they are utter dross. Or by their very nature scream for removal or deletion. Therefore, the users who do post them shouldn't be surprised when they are moved/deleted, should they?

    Personally, I would love to delete 3000 posts of utter shite by Dale saying "I am a Fireman". Yet, they are still there aren't they?

    As for MDN just don't get in a car with him!!!! :D
  14. Because it looks as if they care!

  15. I thought being bad tempered was in the Job Description for a Mod!

    And Cuddles is far too laid back to be a good Mod - he's so laid back, he's almost horizontal!