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  1. Hi, i was just wondering if i will fail the phase one medical because i have a couple of rotten teeth, i passed the adsc medical fine and my start date is in july.
  2. Does it matter, just get them fixed.
  3. Surely you'd want to get rotten teeth sorted before July anyway mate?
  4. If you need any dental work doing upon entry to the Army they will send you to the Army dentist to get it sorted, oh and they are not the most gentle of dentists :)
  5. Whys that then?.Great advert for the tooth Mechs. :)
  6. Had my wisdom teeth taken out by an Army Dentist,

    Me " Am I being put under"

    Sadist "No, couple of injections and I will pull them out"

    1 hour later with her knee firmly in my chest she finally extracts the second one. Even went back to work that afternoon.
  7. Cause Hedgehog the one I had attached to my JLR reg was shit Lt/Col who'd had a nervous breakdown and thought it was acceptable to give 9 injections in one go with out of date anastectic hoping that some of it would work enough to give the filling.....It didn't then he admitted he didn't think it would of worked but wanted to try.

    The rest I had were fine though
  8. You do not have to be dental fit to join up, the flip side is you do not have to be dental fit on discharge! My only complaint having done 22 years is the PMH dentists happily pulled out tooth after tooth but would not commit to sorting out what I would do without teeth! All they do is constantly fob me off to get an NHS dentist to deal with it when I fully demob this year!
  9. plenty of time to get them out,if your working register with a dentist an they'll whip them out for a small fee.If your on the bread line register with a nhs dentist an get it done for free.

    edited to add: a small fee in dentist linguo is probably 2 grand these days,use the old string tied round a door handle trick.
  10. i havnt been to the dentist in a while, i only have one rotten tooth, and another that is only half a tooth from where i got hit in the jaw.
  11. Don't feck about trying to extract your own teeth, you can cause infection or an abscess which if left untreated can be terminal.
  12. Pick up one of those new fangled machines and press buttons on it. Insert tuppence when they answer and say. 'is that my NHS dentist? Can I have an appointment for this new painless dentistry'. That works for me.
  13. FFS get your teeth sorted why would anyone want manky chompers the questions sometimes asked on this site really does grip my sh*t! Why chance not getting in , if you know your teeth are crap
  14. He's maybe after a good nick name related to having shit breath
  15. Was she ginger? Sounds exactly like my wisdoms being extracted. The grinding sound I can only assume was crepitus. Absolutely terrifying at the time.