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Discussion in 'Officers' started by mr_pr, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. I have a social event coming up with a Bad Taste theme (Un PC)

    I have a few ideas, anyone got any crackers?
  2. Steve Irwin
    Anyone who died recently
    Pants+white splat "came in my pants"

    not very good but just a few
  3. Response on this thread only for obvious reasons ...

    We had one such do for the young-ish living-in community in a certain Mess in Middlesex. On the list to attend was an elderly gp capt, who rarely spoke to anyone and spent his week working at MoD. We were puzzled and expect him to dampen proceedings.

    on the night we wore the usual sillies ... and he turned up in a suit with a pocket full of cheap pens. He went up in our estimation considerably. :)
  4. errrr,

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  5. Dress up as Garry Glitter or wear a "welcome to Portugal" t shirt and carry a doll wrapped in a blanket..Taxi
  6. Suicide bomber
    US Chinook pilot (on crutches etc)
    RAF Officer
    RM Officer complete with white flag and surrender kit
  7. Fessing up ...

    I was PMC, the Mess decorated with assorted "unsuitable" items, including window dummy [female] with T-shirt enhanced with tactical application of Blu-Tak.

    As PMC, I felt I should be properly attrired, and thus wore DJ ... and brought my Black Lab/Retriever cross to the party as the "Bad taste" gesture. So far so good ... apart from the fact that I had secreted some cheddar in a certain place in the dummy [Defa loved cheddar :wink: ].

    Later, once he started trying to mount ladies who were dancing, the OC decided I should take the dog away to my suite.

    Oh well, we tried!
  8. Saw a bloke in NI who went to a fancy dress party in a long ball gown wearing a tiara with a mangled steering wheel around his neck, 2 spark plugs hanging from his ears as earrings and ‘cas-sim’ blood all over his face and neck.

    He was Princess Di obviously.

    I in no way condone his actions.
  9. Presumably, the appropriately placed one is his own.

    Cool way to get into a party with your todge out.

  10. Go as Guy Gibson with appropriately named pooch.
  11. You are obviously not a dog owner/sharer/carer. They do not answer to other names, unless trained.

    "Defa" was also "Anjing Hitam", and answered to both. When working in the field, I would enjoy calling him in in Malay. God, I went a bit caubeen there .. sorry! :roll: :oops:
  12. Went as a fully attired SS panzer officer in Germany in '86 - locals loved it as I walked to the Mess - one of the Mess staff fainted when she saw me!

    and (just after the Herald of Free Enterpise went over) as as the 'Doorman' wearing a pukka Townsend Thoresen jacket. I always wondered why the CO's wife didn't talk to me.....................
  13. I think you nearly hit the nail there, blue_spohist.

    Why not go as caubeen, not sure what retired Brig's wear to fancy dress, but there are a few here, who'd view it as bad taste. :)
  14. Clearly if they're walt brigadiers then they wear caubeens.............

    I had two cats called Wombo and Ewok - calling them in on the patch was a bit of an issue I can tell you!
  15. Don't ask me ... I had to Google caubeen to find what is was.

    Can I wear Farahs ... or a flying overall?