bad taste or genius??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by exnorthener, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. bad taste or genius ????? i would do a graph thingy but i am a bit of a techno phobe!!!!

    the vid has to be seen

    An Australian woman has posted a video of her family singing and dancing along to the Gloria Gaynor hit 'I Will Survive' while on a trip to the Auschwitz death camp in Poland.
    Jane Korman, who is Jewish, posted the video of her 89-year-old father Adolk - who survived the Holocaust - and her three children dancing to the hit inside the infamous extermination centre where as many as 1.1million people were killed during World War Two.
    At one point, her father is seen wearing a t-shirt which 'I will survive' written across its front.

    Anger after Australian Jew films video of her family singing 'I Will Survive' on a trip to Auschwitz | Mail Online
  2. Brilliant!
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Kudos to the old fellah, survive that and then thumb your nose at the grief whores. I like the family, can you imagine the sceptics doing this?
  4. personal opinion...absolute genius!
  5. Brilliant if he came through all that IMO he can do what he wants
  6. If I did it then it would be bad taste.
    When an 89 year old Jewish Holocaust survivor does it with his descendants with him, then good for him, no criticism from me.

    He's entitled.
  7. Brilliant, if anyone can take the piss of this subject then it is the old bloke, fair play to him!
  8. Fucking disgraceful!

    The timing was all out, I don't know who choreographed this but they should be ashamed of themselves.

    Fair play to the old duffer for having a sense of humour. It amuses me that some of the comments on the web site claim to be disgusted eg:

    Absolutely disgusting !

    I dont care what religion you are or were, this is the equivalent of sticking two fingers up at the world, Im sure the majority of jewish citizens will be sickened by this behavior.

    There is no and can never be, a 'lighter' side to this episode of inhumanity. Despite holohoaxes and creative reparations, two wrongs dont make a right, so how this shameful cavorting can be seen as acceptable eludes me.

    Having never visited any of these places, were I to do so, my own feelings would be of deep personal shame, that it was arranged by some, condoned by others and ignored by all others.

    Jew, gypsy, mentally & physically handicapped, political dissidents and homosexuals all suffered the same fate, our only grace would be that we strive to ensure it never happened again....sadly we failed even that.


    I'm more annoyed at this fucksticks outrage. Let the old bloke have a bit of fun, it's not like he doesn't deserve it.
  9. I could do some of my own experiments on his grandaughters
  10. Pure genius!! :D

    Although without him it would be a tad naughty!

    I think the last part about returning 63 yrs later says it all really.

    PS. Young blondie would get it! :p
  11. Brilliant. Fair play to old bloke for doing it.

    Plus, I'd "do" all his grand daughters.
  12. Gloria Gaynor Walt!
  13. The dark haired strumpet peering out of the carriage with the old be honest he needs to fuck off he's spoiling a decent picture.

    Thats what I love about this site, it's always dragged back into the gutter.

    'Oh right, an old holocoust suvivor has made a statement about how he lived through the death camps. Thats very interesting, tell me more about the hottie stood next to him'
  14. The cattle truck is a bit crude, I'm more a dingy cellar man me self.

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  15. Could someone please show me where it says he was actually in a Concentration/Death camp ?

    What does 'survive the holocaust' actually mean ?

    If he was imprisoned by the Nazis then he can do what he likes. As a Jew he can do what he likes. Wonder what people would say if I as a gentile were to do a Borat tribute in the same vein ....?

    Personally I could care less if he sang 'Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag' or 'You gotta have faith' :) But I do thank him for making me laff and for having eminently shagable granddaughters.

    Could this lead to a thread of songs to be sung in certain situations ....... ?