Bad Taste and the Tsunami - Yanks go into the lead!


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Radio staff axed for tsunami song

Radio host Miss Jones has apologised for the "insulting" song
Two members of a New York radio show crew have been sacked after causing outrage with a song and comments that ridiculed victims of the Asian tsunami.
The Hot 97 WQHT-FM hip-hop station's morning show producer Rick Del Gado, who wrote the Tsunami Song, and co-presenter Todd Lynn have been fired.

The song includes lines about "Africans drowning, little Chinamen swept away".

Host Tarsha Nicole Jones, known as Miss Jones, and two other crew members are serving a two-week suspension.

'Utterly unacceptable'

The station's parent company Emmis Communications said the "actions of the morning show crew were socially and morally indefensible".

Emmis Radio president Rick Cummings said the sackings and suspensions sent "a message that this type of insensitivity is utterly unacceptable".

The company is giving $1m (£530,000) plus two weeks pay from the suspended staff members' salaries to the Give2Asia charity for relief efforts.

Mr Del Gado wrote, produced and broadcast the Tsunami Song, which was performed to the tune of charity hit We Are the World, Emmis said.

'Racially insensitive'

Mr Lynn was sacked "for making offensive, racially insensitive comments while on the air", according to a statement.

The suspensions of Miss Jones and crew members DJ Envy and Tasha Hightower will end on Wednesday.

Before being suspended, Miss Jones apologised for her "poor decision" and described the song as "insulting (to say the least)".

Only one member of her crew was not suspended. Miss Info objected on air when the song was played, but received a tirade of abuse from her co-hosts.

I think it's a shame that the Colonials should be leading on something like this! Where is Roy 'Chubby' Brown, Jethro, and the other Brits, who I thought were leaders in this field?
Was anyone axed for playing "it's raining men" on Sept. 11??? It was going through my wife's head the whole day, and she's a spam with a sick, sick sense of humour :lol:
"It's raining men", in reference to the people who leapt to their deaths to avoid burning alive? Yeah, I guess I really don't understand this kind of humor. Probably never will.
I was in the Wimbeldon WH Smiths the day Maurice Gibb was in ICU vsi.
The song being played was?
Yep "Staying alive" by the Bee Gees.
Laugh? I roared, as did my companion.

Thats why the other 2 Bee Gees moved to Cornwall. It was the only place they could see maurice dancing :lol:

( or offended by bad tasting yanks )

OK you're on.

Question: What's the least popular detergent in Indonesia?
Answer: Tide.

Knock! Knock!
Who's There?
Sue WHo?



Then try this one:

Question: Why are so many sharks stricken with diarrhea?
Answer: They've been eating WAY TO MUCH 'Thai food'.

you missed the TASTELESS (you have been warned) classic......

Ellen Mcarthur failed in her bid to sail round the world in record time. She was pipped at the post by a Sri Lankan in a deckchair
Along those lines I got this in a text message.
Just got to Thiland. Cheap flight. Hotel a mess, but there's loads of fanny floating about!
Me brother texted me this one:

Fairy liquid have rushed emergency stock out to Sri Lanka, theres thousands of people washing up on the beach.

I'll get me coat :?
Don't send anymore money out to them feckers. They have had so much aid money they are mega rich now. I seen one house the other day with 2 boats in the garden. :p
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