Bad TA jokes...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Squiggers, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. The other day, i was shopping in Tescos. Needed some cheese, as my girlfriend wanted to do some foul pasta based... thing.

    Anyway, looking at the receipt on the way out, i spot that the cheese was labeled as "Territorial Cheese", at which the missue pipes up "ooo, is that like cheese with half the commitment then?"

    Not so good, when standing next to my old scout leader, who's son and daughter in law happen to be majors in the TA's...


    Anybody else heard stupid stuff said about the TA's, or bad jokes?
  2. TA: Be the Best (for one weekend a month)
  3. "A lot of people think that those in the Territorial Army are not real soldiers. We are. We are well trained, highly disciplined fighting machines ready for war. We're just not available during the week."

    From HERE
  4. Fools & Horses.

    Marlene telling Del boy why she has'nt got pregnant

    "Boyce fires more blanks than a Territorial"
  5. Yeah here's one;

  6. What's the punchline?
  7. some people have thick skins and no sense of humour :oops:

    i thought the jokes were funny and i served in the TA for 10 years. :D

    get a life
  8. served in the TA for ten years so in real life you just passed basic?
  9. These TA guys don't seem to have a sense of humour!

    I think they took this thread a little to personnally!

    Fcuking Stabs!!!
  10. proberbly true :D the beer was cheap though in 1900 and frozen too death when i served :salut:
  11. TA joke? DCDS? opinions on the TA make me laugh, though not in a good way. Of course what makes me laugh is the SOSD's opinion of DCDS? as noty being intelligent enough to get a real job...
  12. 3 blokes want to join the TA Engineers.
    The recruiting sergeant says "OK, if you can blow up a building and then tell me how many letters there are in the alphabet, I'll let you in."
    First bloke blows up a house and shouts "There a 26 letters in the alphabet"
    "You're in", says the Sgt
    Second bloke blows up a farm building and shouts "There are 26 letters in the alphabet".
    "You're in", says the Sgt
    Third bloke blows up a shop and shouts "There are 24 letters in the alphabet",
    "How do you reckon that?" asks the Sgt
    "Cos I've just taken out B & Q"......

    (You did say bad jokes)
  13. Personally I liked the tv sketch that parodied to TA ads of the day and showed Rory Bremner(?) and others running round Epping Forest and had lines like 'Dave Foster - Virgin' and 'Mike Smith - still lives with his mother' and ended with 'If you're a 30 year old virgin who still lives with his mother and you'd like to run around Epping Forest with twigs in your hat - Join the TA' Utter class. Anyone remember what show that was from?