Bad Santas run wild in Auckland


"With a number of people dressed in the same outfit, it was difficult for any witnesses to confirm the identity of who was doing what," Sergeant Rogers told Reuters news agency.

a spokesman for the group, said Santarchy was a worldwide movement designed to protest the commercialisation of Christmas.

"No force on earth can stop one hundred Santas!"

amazing what you can do with a little alcohol.
You've just got ot love the laid back appraoch from the NZ police:

BBC said:
A police spokesman described it as "fairly average behaviour" from "an organised group of idiots".
Over here it would be a rant about 6 pages long about anti-socail beahvior.
a local chapter of said group is seeking recruits for a romp in the environs.. got a write-up in the local fishwrap with photties an' everything..

the minute it goes 'legit ' and attracts the hoi polloi you know the whole thing is a dead issue..

just like white folk adopting ' rap '...ruined it for everyone...

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