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Bad old days

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tytus_Barnowl, Nov 14, 2010.

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  1. Tytus_Barnowl

    Tytus_Barnowl On ROPs

    I've just come back from the rememberance parade in Kilkeel. Great turnout very moving occasion.
    One thing, the police were out and about with sniffer dogs, checking all the cars. Now I don't live here anymore, the only times I see the police with sniffer dogs is in London where they are looking for drugs. I cannot see this being the target for this operation in a small south down fishing town. Is this a return to the bad old days?
  2. Yea, it is getting a bit edgy round here, check out the NI bit of the bbc news web site, they are at something about once a week now

    BBC News - Northern Ireland
  3. The threat level in NI is currently set at 'Severe' meaning an attack of some kind is likely

    Kilkeel is near the border so I can see why they would be extra vigilant there. On the sniffer dogs I'd say they were probably explosives trained and that's what they were searching for today.

    I do not understand why you think Kilkeel would not be used by people in the Drugs trade though - ports (even small fishing ones) are the main source of entry for drugs, look at Scotland -it's cocaine problem is so bad because it has the most porous coastline in the UK - so if I was searching for drugs it's one of the places I would check!