Bad News, theyre gonna tax the internet!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jagman, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. It was only a matter of time, and they are going to charge it per household, presumably via the council tax. First figures are estimated as £20 per household per year, and I would imagine whether or not you use it.

    The chances of it getting used for the original purpose is about as much chance as they will use the entire VED revenue on the roads!

    They will tax sex next, install cctv in your bedroom to count the number of times per week!
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Charging an extra £20 tax for ALL broadband users to 'combat online piracy'.

    Yeah, that'll fix'em!!

    "Well, I'm paying the £20 charge, so I guess that means I won't download free music then huh!"
  3. £20 extra a year to view all the porn you want? Bargain. now pass me my thrapping gauntlets I'm about to get my moneys worth.
  4. Great, the way my life is going I'll be due a hefty rebate.
  5. Adds upto an extra 1/4 of a billion quid or so a year for the treasury I think.
    If Gordon manages to think up another hundred or so of these little schemes he will be able to pay the interest on the borrowing he's getting us all into.
    We'll all starve of course but thats a minor detail....
  6. That should bolster the Indian economy nicely. Obviously, it'll be more economic to farm the jobs out to cheaper service providers - just ask any ISP help line.

    Now, can anybody tell me how to register my laptop as Polish?
  7. so what they are talking about is taxing us so they can create yet another snooping agency to monitor our every action online.
  8. Big brother will be watching you, and you'll pay his wages.
  9. Did the BBC not want to do something similar a few years back?

    IIRC, as a lot of their content is online, and available whether you have a TV licence or not, they wanted everyone in Britain to get an 'Internet Licence' under the same guidelines as TV (you have a PC and internet access, you need our licence) , all monies to the BBC
  10. Just another news here.
  11. The interesting thing about this proposal and the others in the Digital Bill interim report is that it is only the preamble before any real legislation is drafted. The actual report isn't due out until July, and who knows when/if it will be voted on and passed/defeated in the Commons. What this means for Labour is that when the report comes out in the Summer (Parliament on holiday, press eager for a story) it will be trumpeted from the rooftops as a new announcement and it will grab the headlines again, just as it did yesterday, has done today and probably will do in the Sunday papers tomorrow. Guess what'll happen if this gets voted on in the House? Yep, you've guessed it, more headlines, more publicity - the Government get to set the news agenda, it squeezes the Conservative's coverage in the media, it knocks off all that gloomy economic news off the front pages and the papers get to fill some space. Everybody wins. Except the Tories. So Brown's announced the same thing three times, giving the impression that the Government is really hot on the issues, keept Cameron out of the papers and off the TV (Conservative poll ratings go up when Dave gets a lot of limelight) and suppressed the bad news

    Ethical? Nope. Clever? Definitely.