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you provide parking facilities for your staff BBC News - Nottingham parking levy registration begins (c) Auntie. I bet a load of LGA members are watching this closely to see if they can do something similar in their Authority Areas.

A criminal offence to register false details, but a civil offence to fail to have a licence. And £279.00 to pay in the first year (what are the odds on that figure not rising?).
Just something else for them to tax!! I note the ratepayer friendly remarks that the revenue will help pay for the 'Tram Extensions'. Course the councillors that vote this sort of stuff through will have 5 figure expense accounts and it all has to be paid for.
If I had a business in Nottingham with 11 or 12 spaces I would be repainting my car park (make less spaces) and telling a couple of the chaps to park in the street.

Bet a few SME will be eyeing up their car parks for development now, after all the employee base can in a lot of places park in adjacent streets.
Many councils lost out in this despite it being bloody obvious Iceland was going down the toilet in the days before it defaulted. Martins money Savers finance boards were screaming 'Get your Money out of Iceland' up to 10 days before it fell over. Not that any of these fuckwits noticed.

The same cretins are still making all the big finance decisions now!! Not one of them fell on their sword.
Absolutely stupid idea.

This is based on an idea that they need to stop traffic from getting into the city centre. In fact they are very effective in doing that. Their are next to no major roads into Nottingham, they all stop at either the Leics or Derbyshire border.

Yes they have a tram which is great and I use it but that involves a 10mile motorway trip (in derbyshire) and it's quicker than driving in on 30mph roads and then paying parking tickets.

Any business in their right mind would not set up shop in Nottingham. Derby or Long Eaton in the west have far superior road, rail, air, canal, river, motorway, etc links .... oops forgot cycle. Nottingham by comparison is a third world city
If all the business's got together and threatened to relocate, it would change the councils mind.
Short-termism that will certainly bite Nottingham in the Arsse.
Is it a Labour council by any chance?
Insanity really. They've just c ome up with most anti-business scheme possible, short of taxing the compnay for each employee from Notts it has.

And why these cnuts weren't feeding the spare cash back in to the BRITSH banks or at least the government is beyond me. They shouldn't be trusted with huge wedges of cash not doing anything.
On the bright side for the MOD, it'll make Chilwell more attractive as a business park and put the price up. Although that means more business near J25 of M1... and all the traffic chaos that involves
If all the business's got together and threatened to relocate, it would change the councils mind.
Perhaps not.

IIRC, Nottingham announced massive reductions in social services, elderly care, meals on wheels, libraries, schools, fluffy bunnies and anything else they could think of as soon as central government mentioned the word "cuts".

Still managed to fund a massive, city wide advertising campaign to protest about coalition policies though. Fortunately, their Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Scrutiny Forum managed to dodge the spending reductions though. I also note that Nottingham is the only council in England to refuse to publish details of all council expenditure over £500. Wonder what they've got to hide?

I was going to say that this is a classic example of cutting your nose off to spite your face. Then I realised that they're socialists so they're cutting somebody elses' nose off.

Tragically, this sort of cr@p will continue until people stop engaging the autopilot as soon as they enter a polling station.
What exactly are they taxing here? Employee parking spaces which are already owned by businesses? In which case, what the **** are their business rates going to pay for?

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