Bad Manners?



Flicking through the latest Viz I notice that Bad Manners were doing gigs throughout December. They had listed three dates for 'Germany tbc' over the 1st to the 3rd. Clearly I missed this. Does anyone know if these hapened and if so, what were they like?

I think any gig with King Kurt and the Macc Lads would have been a fairly robust affair if it went ahead.
Same thing on their official site. The only other Germany venue was Berlin on the 10th.

Fat up lippy. ;)



Bedpan2zero said:
Bad Manners Live are brill
not as good as in the 80's but still chuffin loopy

Seen them twice, both times were brill, Fatty's not so fat thease day's :)
My sister in law's sister...(?) .... who is, to use a laymans term

" a mental fucking whore"

Shagged buster in the toilets at a gig in my home town, and broke the sink off the wall, had a scrap with the female bouncer and got arrested

Unfortunately they haven't yet introduced the death penalty for "shagging bald frontmen of eighties ska bands" so the mental bitch is still with us.
bad manners are fantastic live, i never say them in the original years (wish i had)

if you like a thumping good live ska band check out 7 seconds of love.

the tunes are on the left of the page ' first drink of the day' and winners are class.

watch the live vid of 'winners' at the moles club, the base player is fu*king amazingly fast.