bad luck!

Hi guys,

I am supposed to be on the main board thats taking place now. However i somehow managed to have an accident on the monday before the board commenced that left me unable to push past 12 pressups! Thankfully it is nothing serious its just my elbow wont go past that amount, doctor said its just the swelling thats causing me to fail so early and after a week or two i should be fine again! As you can imagine i am absoloutley gutted after all the build up etc.

Any way i called up Westbury and actually managed to get a place on a june board which is pretty good i think, however the lady said i will be going as a travelling reserve, she was a bit vague about what it meant/i was so annoyed i didnt take it all in properly?? Any one know what this essentially means? also what are the chances of me still gaining a september entry with a 24th June main board.

Thanks for any advice guys!


Tough break.

As a travelling reserve I believe you will be exactly that; should someone not turn up on the day, you will get to take part.

Out of interest, did you turn up at Westbury this week?
If you give Westbury a call, they can give you the number for the Officer Candidate Admin. Centre at RMAS, these are the people with the most up-to-date info on intake numbers.
It's worth bearing in mind, however, that the last PCCBC before the September intake (or at least the latest one I was offered) is at the very start of July. Of course it is possible that they have kept one back for late applicants, but the fact that RMAS has August off means the lack of PCCBC availability may be a problem for you.

Bad luck with the delay, I can relate to the feeling all too well. Try to treat it as an opportunity to get more visits and training in, thus being better prepared for AOSB and indeed your career as a whole.
Best of luck.
Thanks for the advice so far guys, Shifty, no i didnt it all went tits up early monday morning, went into town to get any last minute bits i needed. Mulling over what to do, went to see my GP who is very good with sports injuries. Called AOSB when i got back and i was advised that if i have any doubts about the fitness tests, not to come. Basically said it will look really bad either way. I.E that i was lazy and had not prepared or that i was stupid to turn up knowing i couldnt do it!

Anyway i suppose theres a silver lining, a week off work and give myself even more time to impress. Im only 20 so i guess theres no rush any way!

Cheers again guys!
I was a travelling reserve on a March board this year. It essentially means that you turn up, do the physical assessment. If someone drops out or fails badly, then you take their place. Also, if there are any cancellations, then obviously you are on the board anyway. I have heard that it is very rare for a travelling reserve not to get a place on the board proper. As it happens, I was a reserve, performed dreadfully badly on the physical assessment, apart from the MSFT which was fine, and still carried on the rest of the week (and passed at the end). It's not a problem.

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