Hello to all!
Im suffering from pain in my lower inner calf area. Im pretty sure its my Soleus Muscle (from looking on the net). I dont think its shin splints because I had that when I was in training years ago and it wasn't like this.
I started training again recently after a period of being biffed (knee and back) and it came on initially from incorrect foot wear (trail shoes on road). I bought a set of MIZUNO WAVE INSPIRE 6 road shoes on advice from a running shop and for a short while they did the trick. I was smashing between 4.5 and 7.5 miles a night, at a reasonable pace with no probs.
Last week I did my usual 7.5 mile route and felt fine. The next day I tried to run my 4.5 mile route and got about a mile in and started to feel discomfort. I cracked on for another 2 miles and had to stop because the pain was again unbearable. This afternoon I tried again and the same issue after a mile so I stopped and walked back. The trainers are still fairly new (well under 200 miles used). I need to be fit for a January course so I have time for rest but not for injury. Im fairly concerned about it being some form of compartment syndrome.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.

This sounds identical to an issue l had, and all l can advise is rest it - as background l compete in Triathlons, do marathons you name it but l tried to 'fight through' this pain you describe and believe me it isnt worth it - rest, anti inflam tablets (diclofenac - but see your GP) and avoid high impact ie running for AT LEAST 6 weeks

My rehab consisted of stretching and light mobility, so hit the pool or bike at low resistance. About week 4 of rehab l was on the eleptical trainers - again low resistance.

I tried to ignore for nearly 2 months, the pain won. Did as l was told by the physio and 6 weeks later l was back up and running so to speak.

I also had a running analysis (lm flat footed) and as you have bought specific training shoes. Go a step further (no pun intended) and get some proper shoe insoles made. Thye are strange for the first few days, but you get used to them and it helps put all ligaments and muscle structure back in line.
Smartarses, bragging because they have legs.

Take your legs and shove 'em.
Look on the bright side dingerr, the missus won't be able to moan about smelly socks, muddy boots or warming your toes on her in January!!

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