Bad Law?

Just listened to some Labour twonk on Broadcasting House referring to the present fun and games with Abrahams' bribes (sorry, donations) to das Partei as a clear example of why the present legislation (brought in by Labour) is ineffective. Funny, it seems to me to have been pretty effective... as Inspector Knacker etc have another crack at the Downing Street gang due to them breaking this law. Allegedly. Obviously the definition of "effective" has now been changed to "Allows us loopholes we can't screw up".

This along with Labour averring it's not their fault, it's down to the evil tories not agreeing with the £50,000 cap on donations (excluding unions of course), indicates to me the grasp of reality (or lack of it) within the present Government.

Next we'll be hearing briefings on boots fitting, mail getting through and total victory before Christmas. It's enough to make a cat laugh.

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