bad lads at fault

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fooboy, Feb 18, 2006.

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  1. Well I suppose the MOD , and Government have got to find some one else to blame... Do they really think that people consider what is shown in the Bad Lads Army is how it is today?
  2. Yeah, I think they do think it's still like that. Ask any civvy who has had little or nocontact with the Army to describe a Sgt Major and they will describe Windsor Davies to you. The fault lies with the Armys PR machie that has failed to move the perception of Army life out of the 50's.
  3. It is a pretty crap programme.
  4. this guy was to blame last time :lol:

  5. That picture actually did scare me...... I think the army needs some more programes like that which follow the daily lives of soliders, the navy had one it might just work and make people not think its all getting shouted at, people shooting themselves, Iraq.
  6. So its Bad lads & not Iraq,Afghanistan,Bosnia, Sierra Leone, & all the chest beating with Iran thats the problem.Plus the threat of a court marshal for doing your job !!! Thats not including Deepcut, ironing boards & bum heads at ITC, RM & naked roll mat fighting, etc etc. Theres a need for a damm good PR person at the MOD at the moment because the present ones are making a bit of a pigs ear at it !!

    Regards LT.
  7. Indeed.

    This is a clever case of mis-direction by the MOD spinners.
  8. And right at the end of the article what do we see? A cash-for-stories banner.... :roll:
  9. Did`nt the BBC follow some recruits through there phase one at winchester? I think it was called "Soldiers to be" ... did anyone see this it must be about 5 years old now.

  10. Chequebook journalism is how papers like the scum & its ilk make its money. Personally I feel the people who sell non storys to the press so they can over sensationalise them are just as low in standing as your run of the mill pondlife hack :evil: . Trouble is a lot of people who read these rags (i.e potential recruits) take it all as gospel. Its the story sellers & hacks who are also contributing to any recruitment crisis aswell. Don,t get me wrong I,m not against "whistleblowers" if there is a genuine bad situation. But the whistle must be blown in the right direction . The gutter press not being one of them.

    Regards LT.
  11. We actually got letters "strongly discouraging" us (TA) from taking part, whether as recruits or instructors. Mind you, the extra training would do a lot of us some good and 4 weeks training from Bad Lads Army is more MTDs than you get each year nowadays from my unit...

    Do they really get f***ed about any more on TV though than one does in basic nowadays...??
  12. if it was so bad , why did some recruits in the series decided to join up afterward ?

    there was a scene in bad lads army of about 4 signing up on a desk
  13. 'Contestants in the show — fronted by celebrity peer Lord Brocket — are put through four weeks of the ultra-tough drills conscripts endured for National Service training 50 years ago.

    But in today’s strictly policed boot camps, harsh treatment of recruits is forbidden'

    I wish the Sun would make its mind up about how recruits are treated. One week they're been forced to fight and training establishments are hot beds of bullying and this week, they're strictly policed :roll:
  14. Mind, note the emotive use of 'boot camps' rather than training establishments :roll: