Bad lads arrrrr-my!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Trigger_happy, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. Well bad lads army is startin now and its amazin how madly strict they are.

    Just wondering if in the present-day army they are that strict? :roll:
  2. Provo Sgt! My hero!! Loving it already!!
  3. Missed due to work and forgot to set the recorder, does anyone know if the episode is going to be repeated??
  4. Should be on ITV2 later this week or next week. The Provo Sgt is ex Grenadier Guards! Just (literally) ripped a chavs head off!
  5. check out itv2, i'm sure that they put repeats of this and extra on there

    bad lads army : privates exposed is on at 10pm :):):)
    Something to look forward to
  6. Yep, Provo is 'old skool'. Brill!!
  7. Brilliant! The provo sgt is already the star of the show :D

    They've just had their first lad go AWOL - bloody chav scum....

  8. Hah!
    "Do you smoke?"
    "Came to stop smoking sir"
    "What did you smoke"
    "The green stuff sir"
    "Anything else?"
    "Cocain sir"
    "Anything ELSE i should know about"
    "MD (something or other"

  9. Makes me think though. This is based on training etc from both World Wars. If this is the type of idiot nowadays that would be called up when (not if) World War Three starts, God help us!
  10. Fantastic, what a bunch of wasters....the staff are brilliant Prov, what a man.

    Seriously 50's training, my Cadre was like that in '95?!?!?!?! I really hope that this series is as unny as the others, I spend most of the program laughing at these unsuspecting fools trying to 'backchat' Prov and then watching them wince as he bellows at them...Quality!

    Roll on next week!
  11. Just watched that Privates exposed thingy on ITV2, with the officer who said he saw some potential in them on their first parade (in civvies). Not quite sure where he was looking... the cpls nearby? The sgt as a potential future LE maybe?
  12. Can't believe they got rid of the other Cpl and kept no chin Occifer in. What is THAT all about?
  13. He was too busy doing that "theres something about mirium" thing and was too ashamed to come out again in public!

    I echo the views about the provo sgt, he needs to get dow my street and sort some of my neighbours out!!

    Bless my wife, sititng beside me saying "was it like that for you, i wouldn't be able to stop laughing", my reply "I think he would encourage you to stop, and you would!!!!"

  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Almost exactly like the depot in 83 but with more swearing for the camera.

    The universal truth in this is that the "hard men" are the first to start blubbing. It was certainly like that at depot.
  15. I was quite satisfying to watch the 'ard as nails' chavs reduced to tears within 48hrs. And that Provo Sgt should have his own show, how about a Provo V Chavs challange. Distraught neighborhoods can call up the Provo and his lads to come down and sort out the local chav scum live on ITV1.