bad lads army

oh the sheer joy of gobby fuckwits getting squared up.

typical quote' der, bad lad me, abh, gbh stolen goods, im a bit dodgey'
or, ' you dog!'
full screws aka ex csm's fillings their boots over that one....not.
sheer joy, especially after 8 cans of wifebeater.
beat the wing nutted cockney fucker
Disappointed with the jock full screw. Seemed subdued after the fisty cuffs incident. Liked the skateboarding lad with attitude who was brought back to earth and wanted to go home to mummy after a few hours! Now there's a REAL thug !!
even better was the haggis on the bad lads exposed who reckoned he could hack it.......guess he wont look so big to his mates now.
duty romour has it that the jug eared twat and nooky kicked off and the score, unsuprisingly was nooky one, jug eared kray twin wannabee nil :D
Disappointed with the jock full screw. Seemed subdued after the fisty cuffs incident.
Means to an end in my opinion. It had the required use though. The Kray twin fcukwit wannabe was taken in by the 'Good cop, bad cop' thing.

And he was nearly crying too. Laughing me sen to bits at the thought of his 'mates' seeing his 'respect and toughness' at being shouted at a bit.

First 12 hours, he was full of it, at the 13 hour point, he was towing the line by doing as he was told. He does kick off again next week but one of the DS just bundles him straight away. fcukin child.

What about that supposed ex public school boy who is quite clearly white but thinks he is a black gangsta rapper from da streets. Did he not understand the irony of Ali G?? Total cnut.

Proof of the pudding ref old school discipline is they are doing as they are told, when told, even in the most basic forms. Just by saying 'yes Cpl', the indoctrination is working. They are all dead hard!! (In mothercare maybe)

Just give me 5 mins with them and give them what I (and some of us) went through in basic training. It will prove that this generation are a bunch of soft t w a ts.

Main failings. Lack of responsibilities, immaturity due to being cosseted from real world situations/PC. Totally image conscious leading to the basics of the fabric of character and moral fibre being left well behind.

But, which generation allowed them to be like this????

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