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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Listy, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Yes it's being repeated on ITV tonight, Should be good for a giggle....
  2. Good call son, is it Officer class?
  3. Nope, looks Like it's the first one.
  4. Missed the first one,first time,the fella Brown?

    What a fcuking chav ter-wat!
  5. just finished watching tonights episode, they say the camp is on Salisbury Plain somewhere, anyone got any ideas where it is and what its called? a grid would be even better. just out of interest mind....
  6. Turned over halfway through and remembered how much of a chav cnut that Brown is...getting all leary and calling the NCOs "dogs" and saying if the camera wasn't there it would be a different story - you're right there'd be picking up your teeth!
  7. be interesting to see what happens when his twin brother turns up eventually

  8. I'm sure one is booted out.
  9. Got to be honest, I have a morbid fascination for that series, mostly for watching how arrogant disrespectful little nob-heads come to realise the stupidity of their ways. One example, in another series was the lad giving it his all, untill they were pouring cold water over his naked body with him laying face down. The plucky young sport still managed to tell them to go **** themselves, and was later comended for his strength of character :D ! However, I think in his case they harnessed his attitude, a different stroy to this brown boy mong- who clearly should be gangraped until the tears run dry.
  10. agreed, though i must admit the clip of him kicking off in the cookhouse looked interesting. i hope the corporal twa ts the arrogant disrespectful cnut
  11. You can't really beast them as they walk off in a huff and you can't show them the end of your boot with cameras about. :evil:
  12. anyone got any idea what the insurance deal is here? i mean obviously they are not real recruits so is military law enforceable upon them? and how far physically can they push them? i must admit i missed this first time round and only caught half of Officer Class but the new one is being filmed this summer, they are still looking for applicants so if you have any rowdy teenagers sign them up!
  13. They'll sign a waiver / agreement so all parties are covered but from what I've seen, they can jack it in, walk off etc...
    A couple did some time with the Provost Sgt for doing a runner or backchatting the OC...he gave some grief and a bit of beasting but no big deal. Remember alot is for the cameras. If the tw@ts still want to go then they go.
  14. J_D

    J_D LE

    Was the first one the one when the lad did a runner and left his shoes by the fence?

    Or am I confused at its the one with those kids who are always in trouble and breaking the laws?
  15. Would be interesting to have some follow on who is doing what after some time has gone by,see how they have faired since they took part in the series.
    Have any gone on and joined up? I know persec etc involved so no names just if any did take the plunge as at the end of one series Army recruiters turned up and looked like they were getting a good response from the lads.