Bad lads Army


To be honest, although I realise the program is 'trash TV', what I've seen of it does mirror the sort of training we went through in the 70's, except that living conditions and food were much better for us. I don't think the methods of training changed that much until Pay2000 which (correct me if I'm wrong) changed the army's discipline and punishment methods beyond what many of us who trained prior to then would recognise or recommend.

I still think what I went through at Catterick wasn't that much different from what my father experienced in 1939 and I'd be interested to see how todays soldiers would compare that to their own experiences.

If the program goes out I shall watch and see how the Stabs cope with it.


Please do me a favour...ok the programme is good to watch for a laugh and an insight into what it was like for our elder relations, but does anyone seriously believe that you could get away with the likes of their goings on now...NEVER..i mean if you get sent to pokey now you can even take a break half way through...The Army is far to soft now, individuals would rather turn a blind eye now then to go to the bother of charging someone (i mean AGAI 67) Enough said i think...