Bad lads Army

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by emptyeye, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. Interesting letter floating about from Land about his new programme: Of course the public talked about here are all stupid enough to not spot the difference betwen real and TV...its even gone to ACF units with a 'stiff'warning on anyone wanting to join this TV program...
    "looks around for his copy of 'ACF adult instructors are not subject to military law only the officers are handbook' such booklet.

    All Divs/Districts
    1. ‘Bad Lads Army’ (BLA) is a TV production which follows a number of ‘recruits’ through 4 weeks of basic military training based on 1950s National Service. BLA is recruiting now for potential recruits and military staff for the next series due to be filmed in Jun 06.

    2. Recruiting Group polling in the wake of the previous series indicates that the public confused the images of this so-called historical reality show with today’s Army. The portrayal of mental torture and abuse is behaviour that is completely inimical to the way we train and treat our recruits.
    3. The MOD line is to have no association at all with the next series. The producers will try to circumvent this; and one route is to approach off-duty personnel. We are aware of at least one potential applicant who is a serving TA officer. BLA has been responsible for influencing an impressionable age-group (and their parents). This is clearly detrimental to the TA, as well as the regular Army, and is likely to have an adverse affect on recruiting.
    4. In light of the current TA manning situation, CRF/IGTA’s direction is that TA officers are not permitted to participate in BLA. Administrative action under AGAI 67 cannot be ruled out for any TA officer who disregards this direction . TA soldiers should be strongly discouraged from involvement in this TV production.
    5. This message is to be passed down to all units as soon as possible.

    [Signed on LAND CSSR]
  2. if these plebs watch it and are convinced it'll be like that for them if they join up tomorrow, do we really want such easily misled individuals in the army in the first place? eedjits.

    personally tho i don't think bringing back national service and doing it in the '50s style would detrimentally affect most of the kids in my age group (17-21). on the contrary, it'd seriously help them. but then again, so'd the death penalty.
  3. personally i think the best series was the very first one - just "Lads Army". just a (relatively normal) bunch of guys wanting to sample military training, without committing themselves to joining for real - although several of them went on to apply for the real thing after. mostly quite highly motivated - they saw it as a challenge and a test of their own character. (and how funny was the comedown for the ex-public school ACF tosser, who thought he was going to be given his own section to train and mould :lol: :lol: :lol:)

    since it became a bunch of posturing chav w*nkers 'giving it large', it has lost some of its appeal for me. now it seems to thrive on confrontations between the DS and recruits, in which the DS are operating with one hand behind their backs - because they can't really invoke the sort of "discipline" which would stamp out the attitude in ten seconds flat. instructors can bluff, bluster, be intimidating, shout, swear, maybe put on an armlock if the situation requires it... but it is ultimately bluff, and the chavs know the DS is not about to batter the living f*ck out of them, no matter what the provocation.

    calling the DS 'w*nkers', shouting, swearing, telling them to f*ck off - i'm nowhere near as old and bold as some on here (;) you know who you are)... but you would have been a brave man to think of that "in my day". i think it actually undermines and demeans the national service experience, having chavs like that on it. sure there are some on here who went through national service and can tell us how badly battered one could expect to be, for telling a Sgt to "f*ck off"...? even as recently as 1990, i would suggest anyone who took such an ill-considered approach would be in serious physical danger. i know nobody from my era would have dared.

    as for the people who volunteer to act as instructors... ultimately, i would think it was potentially: a) unfulfilling and b) embarrassing. these little scrotes can backchat with impunity (except a spell in the guardhouse), and have the ultimate right to walk off the show if they don't want to play soldiers any more.
  4. I agree a bit of national service would be good for them and help solve a lot of problems in the UK, teach the little bu*gers some respect.
  5. i wonder if Pte Golden will put his name forward, or has somebody already done it for him?
  6. He could be one of the DS with all his Para experience
  7. I thought it was a wind-up when the piece of paper appeared in my in-tray! Either that or a crude attempt by my colleagues to flush out Litotes from his thick cover.... :lol:

    My opinion:

    1. The last programme was some time ago. Our recruiting problems are here today!
    2. Surely the great British public realised that this was a "reality" programme that bore no resemblance to current Army life?
    3. But, of course, if the Centre can blame a television company for our lousy recruiting figures, then they don't actually have to do anything else, do they?

    Listen, Guys, try increasing the salary, sorting out the lousy accommodation and making soldiering fun again. Otherwise the constant drip of Government inspired cuts and bad news feeds straight through to the so-called gatekeepers and ensures that our potential recruits are kept away from the ACIOs.

  8. well said
  9. Interesting that this letter from Land specifically targets the TA.

    One of the DS in the last series was and still is, a serving Regular Officer! And I know him quite well. He has been in the last two series. When he was invited back for the second series he was initially 'forbidden' by the chain of command and I understand that the production company really wanted him and they challenged the MoD to explain why they were taking this line. The MoD backed down and he was allowed to do the second series!

    I don't think any in the last series were in the TA
  10. Any regular officer or soldier would have to clear participation with their chain of command - who based on this guidance would simply say no.

    The TA is diffierent and the letter is reminding them that officer are subject to military law 365 days a year and can be dealt with under appropriately if required. TA soldiers on the other hand can do anything they want when not signed on at the TAC and there can be no comeback. So TA soldiers fill your boots and take part if you want - no one can stop you....
  11. This was in the press during the last series. :roll:
  12. I personally think that anyone putting their name forward for this pile of sh1te is asking for trouble.

    You may assume there will be no comeback because your out of uniform and not "officially" on the books, but do you honestly think your boss will turn a blind eye to it on your next recomendation?

    Assumption is the mother of all fcuk ups...
  13. The Padre was
  14. Well done Bailey, that was a sure way to kill a thread. Fcukin padres...all their good for is funerals and moral boosting God speak!

    * note to self* Dont post when your p!ssed.

    Hee Hee
  15. Bad Lads Army....?
    Pish and tosh

    Lets have an old lads Army show
    Soldiering the old way
    Brassoing belt buckles, blancoing running pumps
    puttees on dms boots
    All contestants must be 40 years or older, none of whom should of got to any rank above hmmmmm lets say full screw.
    Plenty of bile and venom to go around there then.
    Awaiting all incoming...................