Discussion in 'ACF' started by wo1slashedpeak, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. Is there anyone else out there who suspects that Bad Lads Army is more staged then a WWF fight? Come on, when I joinned the ACF in 1978 I stupidly saluted the RSM. Well, I was 13 and from the sticks....... 5 other cadets and I were put on shit house cleaning duties mopping and scrubbing at Beckingham and I never made the same mistake again. (Have you seen the battleships etc when the bogs at Beckingham block up!) Real national service would now be considered an infraingement of one's human rights today which I find rather sad. Whilst the provo Sgt looks authentic I am satisfied that the NCO's and the Rupert are starting to act up for the cameras more now (with the exception of Cpl Murray who is a real ex-para). Debate please.....
  2. It is the officer that confuses me. I mean, the whole social work thing seems slightly (highly) dunious anyway. I cannot imagine an NCO in the 1950s telling his charges that it is ok to cry. However, back to the point who is the officer, and what qualifications does he have??
  3. More to the point whos the bird who keeps appearing now and again?
    Has anyone noticed aswell that whenever these series are on there always seems
    to be a 'bad lad' who know how to play piano lol.
  4. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    LE Shiney arris

    just beast the feckers properly and then see how hard/gobby/tearfull they are!
  5. When I used to beast the lads I used to say my name and then spell it B.A.S.T.A.R.D. They though it was funny for the first 30 seconds until I also told them that I have had their mummies and their sisters too. That went down well......

    As well pointed out, no self respecting NCO would nicely have comforted the conscriptee in 50's national service, any wording would have been something like 'What the ******* hell are you crying for you ******* pansy' or words to that effect. In addition; it would not have mattered whether you were a believer or even a christian, you would have attended church parade and that would be that. I havent yet seen anyone removing the shellac from their boot eyes and polishing the brass eyelets, or anyone painting the kerb stones black and white. This was a refular activity along with potato pealing in the 50's

    Did you see the modern 24hr rat packs? I would have gone for the steak and pots, the lamb tastes like crap.

    Lastly, to spoil it all and sound like a whinging old sod, no one with the exception of corparal Murry should be wearing a maroon beret unless they have all jumped.
  6. Do you mean that fit bird in uniform? I wonder if she wears 50's knickers or a modern tight thong up the crack of her arse..........
  7. Are you living out your fantasies though the ACF?
  9. I dont want to say this....

    I hear he is an ex-RE officer :crying:

    A right chopper by all accounts.
  10. Well, it is a T.V show so there has to be some level of 'entertainment' and 'acting'. The Captain, platoon Sergeant, and Cpl Naryoukas are all ex-RLC I believe, so they were never going to pull off the authentic soldier thing were they! (sorry, had to throw that in somehow!;))

    With regards to wearing the maroon beret, who gives a flying, its a T.V show after all. They've all got their wings up aswell, even that random bird? They're not claiming to be real Paras, look at the 'Soldier, Soldier' style capbadge they're wearing! I think its a good craic and the platoon staff are clearly doing it tounge in cheek after all its not often you see an ex-para sergeant cradling a young tom and telling them 'its ok to cry, just let it all out.....'. Good show, long may it continue!

    Cheers Easy!
  11. WO1 me thinks you have been listening to your Dad,some of the stuff you spout is laughable.Have you been cadets all your adult life or did you marry a WRAC?When i beasted the lads and all that,I spell my name B**TARD,I shagged your mummies,was that Egyptian troops you were beasting?F**king Drivel
  12. Point to note; Youre talking out of your hoop. Wearing the beret does not mean you've done jumps. Ask most of the scabby AGC and loggie creatures at Colchester.

    As has been said, it's only a TV prog. How else can they convey its para and its well ard to the viewing chav population?

    wo1slashedpeak, who the fcuk are you??
  13. I bet you did, and were you the one who really did ram your pace stick through their ears and ride them like a motorbike as well!!!
  14. Yeh, thats what I heard too. You have my sympathy, he's an utter tool.

  15. WALT