Bad lads army, Knife, fork and spoon question?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by thedude110790, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. thedude110790

    thedude110790 Swinger

    sorry, didnt know where to post this :S

    Im watching the 2nd series of bad lads army and a private goes into collect his wages and his sergeant tells him to say "knife fork and spoon" after stating his name and number, i have no idea what this means and cannot find an answer anywhere.

    anyone able to explain?

  2. Don't panic. It's just a generic jokey type thing.

    I was 2440 Knife Fork Spoon Claspknife.

    Years since I heard that though.
  3. tropper66

    tropper66 Crow

    Knife[ cutting instrument with sharp blade and a handle

    Fork[ pronged instrument or tool or part divided like this

    spoon[ utensil with a rounded bowl, and a handle, used for conveying food to the mouth

  4. Dogdrool

    Dogdrool War Hero

    Simple case of you will do as you are told.
  5. ALVIN

    ALVIN Guest

    In this case, it ment nothing at all, the drill sergeant is just fooling around with the sprog. :wink:
  6. i remember one episode the sent a lad to the Guardroom and told him when asked why he was there to tell the Rp sgt to mind his own fcuking business :D He did it as well much hilarity ensued
  7. eodmatt

    eodmatt LE

    The Jock Lcpl we were terrorised by in training once had me doubled away to the guard room for having a dirty rifle barrel. The RP corporal duly recorded in his book "Trainee Matt, reported by Cpl M for having crocodile living in rifle barrel".
  8. Vasco

    Vasco War Hero

    I only heard it once, from a Hercules WO Loadie; his version was 'knife, fork and spoon, tin mug lost at Dunkirk Sah!'
  9. Nignoy

    Nignoy LE

    In the days of payparades and part2 paybooks, drill staff used to write please on the palm of the right hand and thank you on the palm of the left hand of the new intakes, and if they were officer cadet material they did not have left and right written on the soles of their boots Ammo!!