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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by braveheart, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. did a quick search and didn't see this already posted but apoligies if it has been...

    New series of bad lads army starts tonight on ITV at 9pm for anyone interested. This year sees the 'bad lads' going through 1950 paratrooper training which should be a laugh.

    just incase anyone who remembers the programme didn't already know...
  2. Already programmed into the Sky planner much to wife's disgust
  3. Wonder if the provo sgt from the last series will be in the team, he was really good value if a little eccentric?

    Old Gunners Never Die They Just Drop Shorter.
  4. Legend wasn't he.

    1st 5 minutes: "I am horrible, I am a fucking nightmare, I fucking hate you boy, and ive only just fucking met you!"
  5. best bit i remember from the provo sgt was when sgt rae ordered someone to tell him to mind his "own f*ckin business"

    his face just turned and he had a field day with him.... it was priceless and i hope a) he's back this year and b) hes on top form again
  6. I can't remember his exact words, or indeed the jist, but he was beasting someone and wouldn't let them say 'yes' (I think). The look on his face when he nearly caught the lad out was priceless, seems like a nice bloke.
  7. an experienced nice guy at that, bet he's seen a fair bit...

    from ITV website:
  8. I had new cadets wandering into my office saying that for a few weeks after that aired.......

  9. did you beast them provost style?
  10. its a bit of a joke though, as the useless can quit at any time, chavs don't have the stones for modern service, let alone 50's style para training
  11. Sounds like what my dad said the moment I was born.

  12. Hes in it again, I only spoke to Nooky yesterday who HAD to remind me hes on bloody TV again
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Best reality TV on the box, beats the $hite on BB and Love Island hands down.
  14. Fell off me rocking chair laughing! :lol: Fcuking brilliant! :D
  15. SO Funny! Sgt Rae struck again with "You human question mark" and "Run this blob of lard around a bit" followed by "Wobble a bit faster" :D At least the fat one tried which is more than can be said for the Morrisey alike tosser who wimped out. I thought the thing with the snake and spider was priceless. Watching the Asian "hard man" practially pee his pants was just first class. I shall watch with interest.