Bad Kit?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by booty_cadet, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. Just been reading the UK v US Training thread and seeing all the references to bad kit. I want to know what people really think is bad kit (on current issue) and WHAT they think is wrong with it.

    Please give answers on a postcard...
  2. Green string.

    Its not waterproof/windproof and it snaps when you hit it with a knife!
  3. seriously I find most of the kit now, compared to years ago very good indeed.

    CS95 is fine, both DPM and desert, although often I find its been either badly cut or stitched. Also the trousers dont last well, should have re-enforcement patches on the knees like the American ones.

    The CS 95 field jacket, DPM and desert, is good but I hate the stupid collar, why cant we have a hood attached? Or the Windproof smock?

    Goretex suits are fine, but salopette type overtrousers like the Dutch ones would be better.

    Tee shirts green are horrid made for someone with very long arms.

    Norge shirts, fine.

    Softee jackets are good, but why cant we all have them instead of the fleece?

    Gloves, both the leather and aramid types are fine.

    CAB boots are OK, hot weather Magnums are OK, Magnum desert boots OK, I have never tried the issue Lowa type but look forward to doing so. The old Pro Boots were not good.

    PLCE is OK but needs two ammunition pouches, two utility and a waterbottle, not one of each as some units issue. Also the front adjustment straps on the yoke are always far too short otherwide you end up wearing the blet just under your chest!

    Ops vests are very good, but can be difficult to get issued, same with chest webbing.

    CWC G10 watches are brilliant, Pulsars crap. More should be issued rather than sold off so more of the guys dont get cheap gash from petrol stations for a quid which lasts only a few weeks into a deployment.

    PLCE Infantry bergens are OK, the arms ones a bit silly. PLCE patrol sacks are great but try getting one!

    Camelbaks are very good but why do you get a 3 litre DPM one or a 2 litre desert one?

    Desert socks are brilliant! why keep the old black nasty ones?

    Weapons we get whats issued and live with it, no point wishing (though I would wish for something better).

    One criticism is the helmet, its design encourages some soldiers to wear it tipped right back on the head, exposing a lovely white forhead as a target! Only see this with British MK6 issue helmets. Also siome US studies have demonstrated that a four point of contact (rather than three, like ours) strap system on a helmet is a life saver. You need to look this up and work it out for yourself.

    All in all, I think our personal kit is good, in some cases very good. The problem is with some **** QM's who still regard stores as "places to store things" odd issue criteria like only getting a desert windproof if you get SUSAT and if you get Iron sights you get Field Jackets. There is supposed to be a lot of new kit about like special underwear, but I have not seen it yet.

    Body armour isn't something I feel qualified to comment on except to say its heavy and being able top attach pouches directly to it rather than have to wear webbing would seem sensable.

  4. In this age of Rip Stop/Gore Tex/ and softies. Its pretty hard to find any of the 1157 kit we get issued which is bad. Some may need tweaking to suit the person but overall its good kit.
  5. Thats what I thought, overall good kit. Which is why I was a little miffed at the thread. Cheers.

    By the way Cardinal I get what you're on about about the helmet been tipped back. We have some cadets who, before they get told otherwise, seem to wear the helmet so the back of it is nearly touching their shoulders!
  6. The issue Norgie and the old cotton green teeshirt should be banned as they are potential killers when wet. We would all be better with Helly hansen or wool thermals and a buffalo type fleece for wear under the smock. The new issue SF type smock, similar to the new Desert smock guys get at Chilwell appears to be a winner though......
  7. Bring back puttees!
  8. Nah... polished gaiters and BDs...!

    Or how about blancoed belts...?

    Just pull up that sandbag....

  9. Definitley think Helly Hansen type thermals would be a good idea, squaddies have been buying and wearing them for years now so an issue green coloured one would be great. How about issuing the thermal mugs that everyone buys too, the tubular type ones with no handles, great piece of kit for any soldier.
    In regards to bad kit, the shoes are a nightmare if your in a job where you have to wear them (RMP on duty etc) and how about an alternative for barrack dress trousers? Apart from that the kit is like most people on here are saying top notch these days, a vast improvement from Telic 1 even.
  10. New t-shirts are just like Hellys aren't they??
  11. Have to agree with cardinal...(I think he went through his whole 1157... :wink:)
    The Fleese should definately be replaced with a softie or Buffalo.
    Also the issued Maggot is fine but far too bulky for an Infantry Bergan, Softie much better..Space wise.
    Norgi shirts were good in principle a few years ago but nowadays, nobody seems to wear them, in favour of a helli Hansen Lifa top.
    It seems the kit is in the system, but if your not warned off for Ops, you wont be getting it.... :wink:
  12. They are out there, The new ones issued to UBRE ops etc are like this a bit heavier than normal though
  13. those are fuel resistant hence why they're heavier.
  14. I suspect (though I don't know) that we'll never get issued Helly Hanson type stuff to wear next to our skins as a base layer because when it catches fire, the cost of the burns treatment will be too high.

    The stuff aircrew get issued should back this up - it's pretty much all cotton (or very high cotton content) or NOMEX.

    Any aircrew types shed any light on this?
  15. Long johns and tops should be replaced with a Lifa type alternative. PT shorts could be a bit less gay looking.