BAD Kineton

Whats it like? I've been there on a couple of courses, (about 7 years ago) but never bothered looking around the quarters etc.

I'm now due a posting there and getting a load of questions off Mrs. Wobbly to which I cannot supply any answers, except that theres a pub just up the road that once did a lock in.




And the cleaner at the Felix Centre was a right minger.


did my courses abt 7 years back also. i go past that way abt once a week and the pub is still there.

what else can she need to know?
First thing you'll notice is that once again the name of the place has changed, both the "school" and the depot. There are also some of those big boat people and a slack handful or so of blue jobs. I guess thats the delights of joint service.
Basicaly not much else will have changed. You will still be next to the middle of nowhere with little or no bus service, so a car is a must. Nearest shopping Banbury or Leamington. Schooling, if you have a need, is not too bad. The MQs have all been renovated/improved (yeah right) but you now share the estate with civies.
With the exception of the patch being renovated and sort of relocated. It hasn't changed a bit. You can now buy one of the ex quarters and in a short time rent it back to the MOD when the whole camp expands as they wont have enough quarters :lol: Genius :wink:
quick-morser said:
And the cleaner at the Felix Centre was a right minger.

Judy is still there, serving the requirements of the drunk, helpless and needy at end of course p1ss ups.

I spent over 4 years there in the depot and absolutely hated it, but others I've spoken to since say it is a lot better now.

I'd forgot about Judy (after therapy :wink: ).

Does anybody know how big the quarters are? Gardens etc. I've asked the HIVE for an info pack, but expect the cracks to be glossed over.

AFAIK it's "Jude" not "Judy". And yes she still uses the same generic cloth for cleaning the cups and the toilets :)

Has a heart of gold though.

As for the 1/4's they are all generally rather small for what you get. Even smaller after the renovations when the contractors just nailed fresh plasterboard over the old walls then painted.

Rear garden on a two bedroomed was about 7m x 7m plus garden shed and heating oil storage tank.
If you'd done your research you'd know it was now called Defence Munitons Kineton.

Apart from that, yeah it's great, probably quieter than when you were last there, and the majority of SFA has been sold off.

Enjoy :D
Don't really care what its called, unless its moved by several miles I'm sure its still where it was.
It'll have changed its name by next week anyway.

Cheers everyone, forewarned is forearmed etc.

Sir Rowley Birkin QC said:
I spent over 4 years there in the depot and absolutely hated it, but others I've spoken to since say it is a lot better now.
I know its not good form to quote yourself, but I have learned that the tw@t who made my time at KTN shiite when he was a WO2 (blackboards not black enough, anyone?) is now back there as an LE major and has clearly not mended his ways - AGAI 67 to a WO2 - what's that all about?

This guy is a c0ck. Everything he has ever done is shiite. He has been sacked from umpteen jobs and still his rise is inexorable. If he's back there I never, ever want to go there again.

If anyone is still in the dark, his name is a terribly ironic misnomer and a synonym for great happiness. Tw@t.
There's a picture of said Tw At in Febs spunkstainer.
You wouldn't have been refering to he who used the hammer on a car in front of the rossers would you?

I too fell foul of him when he was in charge of QAing the labs.

I remember the time he walked into my Lab just an AT stuck herbare hand into a tin of paint to remove the dryed crust, clever girl. the inspection didn't last long after that.

Have you ever had the misfortune to see his Red Jacket and over 80's clobber?
The quarters were shite when I was there,75-78 and 85-87.
I could hear next door snoring,stirring his tea and just about everything else.Any shagging must be done quietly.

Also it used to cost £100 a month to heat the bloody hovel,hope the heating system has been modernised.I thought of changing service to become a qualified stoker.

I remember Jude,she was a cleaner at the school when I was there.
Knew her for about 3 years and she did have a heart of gold.
Just wondering if the certain "Happy" Major still wears his French Commando badge (the only member of the Army I've seen dumb enough to wear one!) :wink: P.S. look out for flying hammers!
So the Officers' mess will be hearing the phrase "Lets get hammered" on a regular basis.

Oh joy of joys, pleased I'm not posted there :lol:
Still you can't win 'em all. As they always say, in every bunch of roses, you always find the odd pr!ck.
So you know of the said gent?

Chin up mate, he's only just got there. :evil:
Look on the bright side, he's never been sacked from there! (although he was charged with Technical Incompetence-twice-as a Cpl) That means he will probably spend an extended tour there, 11 won't have him :p

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