BAD Kineton mid to late 90s QA system.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by cabbage, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Does anybody out there remember with fondness, as I do the QA system in A Sqn between 94 and 98?

    I remember gems like charging a certain long individual for having cobwebs in the female shifting lobby toilets.

    Disciplinary action against the blond airborne one for having two bottles of bleach in his cupboard.

    what a laugh.
  2. Strangely harsh - fishing for a bite? :wink:

    The Long one was unbroken at the time, and the blond para was much as always - frequently in the sh1t and always on the phone! Who's getting the spineless label?

    I remember the 90's, though - the combination of the Happy One and Crazy Eddie made the lazy K a living 'mare! 1157 checks, anyone? :cry:
  3. Another (or possibly the same) long one being charged for his black board not being black enough. Lunacy, utter lunacy. And to think, Un Commando Francais is back there doing it to people who are now the rank he was then. You couldn't make this stuff up.