bad idea

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ordinaryforces, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. This guy thought he had the best tattoo ever!

    Until he got sentenced to 5 years in an american jail.....oh dear dear me :cry:
  2. Titwank with a bonus hole :D
  3. It could have been worse - he could have had a burst open kebab tatooed around his tea-towel holder instead of the current 'funbags' 8O
  4. That has just put a very disturbing imag into my head! A great big set of titbags having a big shit!!!
  5. I'd put money on that tattoo washing off in the shower :)
  6. One or two of the Gentlemen that he,ll be living with will soon put that to the test I,m sure.
  7. More importantly... would you?
  8. I do hope so :D
    and yes JesterRIP I would :twisted:
  9. He's got a nice pert bottom.....I can't stop laughing.....can't take this seriously! :muhaha: :roll:
  10. Almost as ridiculous as the geezer from Coventry who volunteered to have a full english breakfast tattooed onto his head...

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  11. What the fook is that thing between the egg sausage and beans?
  12. Some sort of albino Black Pudding?
  13. Lobotomy scar?
    or it should be ...the daft cnut.
  14. No hash browns either :(
  15. Must've been a bet that she lost!